Gourmet Meal

Gourmet Meal

Had a bit of an incident yesterday.  I heard water dripping in the wall between my living room and kitchen.  Then, I heard much faster dripping into the kitchen sink.  The roof was leaking and water ran down the wall into my kitchen cupboards and into my sink (thankfully, rather than the floor!).  Three shelves were flooded.  Unfortunately, it ran down through the faucet and soaked the high-end particle board under the sink the the cupboard door.  That door basically was saturated and fell off the hinges today.  Oh joys.  They fixed the issue so I’m hopeful I don’t have to worry about the rain in the forecast the rest of the weekend.  Washed all my dishes and put a fan under the sink.  I hardly doubt the door will be fixed anytime soon….ugh.

That night, we went over to the Legion (as we do every Friday night) for their amazing fish and chips.  We usually get there right before they start taking orders and are either number one or two.  Since we were a couple hours late:


It was a looooong wait but worth it!

Mike and I went to Fonthill for a visit with my little mother this morning. As usual, the first sign of Spring for me is bonking either Mike or my mother in the head with a pool noodle.  Mike was the lucky recipient this year:


When we got home, we made a gourmet meal.  Check out these classy smushy peas!


….and perogies.  I could charge a pretty penny for this plating:


To make it even better (you ask, how could that possibly get better???), the smushy peas were 75% off from the Bulk Barn and set us back a measly 70 cents!


While watching TV tonight, I allowed Mya to lick a couple of my cheese crackers.  The result:



When I got up at 4:00am this morning to check if the water was still pouring into my kitchen after the night of rain, I checked in on the lizards.  Zim was frolicking about:


And Peanut was hanging around:


Happy to report the leak was resolved, although now I am missing a cupboard door.

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty good except for a bad headache.  A little weary due to having to wake up a couple times in the night to check the status of the leak.  Paws crossed for a good sleep tonight:


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  1. Yeah pool noodles are out!!!! Summer must be right around the corner…I hope 😄 …paws crossed!

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