Month: March 2017

Best Brelly Ever!!!

It was very splooshy out today.  Rain started late last night and had the unmitigated gall to keep going while I had to walk to work this morning.  At least I had the best umbrella ever made:


See, even Pinky agrees.

My bestie Laura and I tried to go to a restaurant the other night, but were bummed when we saw this in the window:


Tee hee – I love the last line!

Oh well, we found another good restaurant in the area and hit there instead.  All is good in the world again.  It almost wasn’t good when I was first leaving my apartment that night.  I did a head count and noticed I was missing a Boo.  I checked all the rooms but nothing.  I noticed the balcony door was open.  It was still cool out but the sun was shining.  Boo was lapping it up out on the chair:


It was a great evening!

I came back home to find that the antibiotics I’ve been giving Abby for the last two days finally started kicking in.  She started looking not well a couple days ago and she tinkled on the floor twice in two days.  The second time, I used a syringe to pick up some pee and put it in a bottle.  The vet tested it and said she had a fairly bad infection.  I’m so glad it’s something treatable.  I told Pinky the news as I looked up at her whilst she was perched upon her glorious cat tree.  Her expression of elation was indescribable:


I asked Abby if she was appreciative of her sister’s loving reaction to her plight.  Does she look impressed?


I was all snuggly in bed last night when suddenly a swarm of freaks ascended upon me.  Oh yes – I forgot this is how I spent every awesome night….a wee bit cramped but full of love and warmth:


At least I found a small speck of blanket and covered about an inch of my girlish stick figure to keep slightly warm that night.  ***sigh***

Today’s symptoms:  Had a pretty good sleep last night but woke up with another bad headache and lots of crushing pain just in my left hand and forearm.  Still a rather productive day, and the best part – it’s Friday!  Woot!

Gourmet Meal

Had a bit of an incident yesterday.  I heard water dripping in the wall between my living room and kitchen.  Then, I heard much faster dripping into the kitchen sink.  The roof was leaking and water ran down the wall into my kitchen cupboards and into my sink (thankfully, rather than the floor!).  Three shelves were flooded.  Unfortunately, it ran down through the faucet and soaked the high-end particle board under the sink the the cupboard door.  That door basically was saturated and fell off the hinges today.  Oh joys.  They fixed the issue so I’m hopeful I don’t have to worry about the rain in the forecast the rest of the weekend.  Washed all my dishes and put a fan under the sink.  I hardly doubt the door will be fixed anytime soon….ugh.

That night, we went over to the Legion (as we do every Friday night) for their amazing fish and chips.  We usually get there right before they start taking orders and are either number one or two.  Since we were a couple hours late:


It was a looooong wait but worth it!

Mike and I went to Fonthill for a visit with my little mother this morning. As usual, the first sign of Spring for me is bonking either Mike or my mother in the head with a pool noodle.  Mike was the lucky recipient this year:


When we got home, we made a gourmet meal.  Check out these classy smushy peas!


….and perogies.  I could charge a pretty penny for this plating:


To make it even better (you ask, how could that possibly get better???), the smushy peas were 75% off from the Bulk Barn and set us back a measly 70 cents!


While watching TV tonight, I allowed Mya to lick a couple of my cheese crackers.  The result:



When I got up at 4:00am this morning to check if the water was still pouring into my kitchen after the night of rain, I checked in on the lizards.  Zim was frolicking about:


And Peanut was hanging around:


Happy to report the leak was resolved, although now I am missing a cupboard door.

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty good except for a bad headache.  A little weary due to having to wake up a couple times in the night to check the status of the leak.  Paws crossed for a good sleep tonight:


Night Flight

I mentioned in my last blog that I was going to take Mike somewhere on Saturday.  He didn’t know where we were going until we got there.  I took Abby to the vet on Friday and someone mentioned a cat show in Ancaster that weekend.  Sweet!  It took us about 45 minutes to drive there, in rather yucky weather.  I don’t think there were too many people there that day due to the weather, so it was a bonus for us.  We wandered around for a couple hours, adoring the many cuties:



We watched some of the judgings:


This poof ball was quite the sight – could he be more relaxed?


And this cutie walking around collecting money in his little wagon for a cat charity:


It was a great day.  The only disappointment was there were no sphynx kitties there.  At least we had four to go home to (like Pinky checking out Zim):

On Monday, I was feeling decent so we decided to go for a night flight.  He rented a plane from the Flying Club and of course, I took Vyctor:



It got dark around 8:00pm.  He headed up first and I followed for the first circuit.  We just did touch and go’s for the hour.  I ended up passing him on the second circuit, then eventually caught back up to him.  It was quite an enjoyable flight, and now we are both current again with our night ratings.

We landed and parked the planes for the night.  An instructor was up with the students so I do believe he put the planes back in the hangar when he got back.  I was kinda proud to get my nose wheel so close to the centre of the line, since it was a wee bit dark:


I was recently honoured to go back to the Tax Office in Toronto again for another mental health presentation.  I’m glad I didn’t scare them too much when I was there in January.  I was so thrilled to be asked back, since they were such an amazing, interactive group of folks.  I left my apartment around 7:15 this morning.  The traffic was typical – very heavy.  The main thing is I got there in one piece!  I love the view from their office:


I was asked to be part of a panel for a discussion on accommodations.  While waiting for our turn to take the stage, I doodled on some pics of my cats:




I didn’t have quite enough time to do one for Mya.

The presentation went great.  Everyone seemed so interested in what we were saying and were again very interactive.  It was a great day – I’m so hopeful I’ll be asked back again.  Not surprising, I was completely drained when I got home, but it was totally worth it.   I had an interesting little situation when I made a quick stop at the Giant Tiger to grab some noms for dinner.  An older gentleman saw me across the parking lot and said “Wow, I’ve never seen such blonde hair, and it’s natural too!”  I was quite impressed that he could tell.  He asked if I had a toonie so he could buy something to eat.  I said I didn’t have any change on me (honestly).  I asked what he wanted to buy and he said some sardines (yuck!).  I said he could come in the store with me and I would buy him a can, which he said was $1.  I told him I needed to get some yogurt for my boyfriend and a salad for me, so I would meet him over by the canned goods.  I grabbed my loot and walked over to him, and his hands were full!  I said “Dude, that looks like a bit more than a can of sardines.  I know a bag of cookies when I see them!”  He had a couple other things too.  I felt bad for him but in all fairness, I did offer to buy him just the sardines.  I told him I would get them, plus the can of oysters (yuck again!) he also grabbed.  He put the cookies back.  We walked over to the checkout and I put everything on the belt.  He picked up a big Dairy Milk bar and asked if I wouldn’t mind getting him it as well.  I said “Do you see me with a chocolate bar?  If I can’t have one, then I’m afraid you can’t either.  Besides, it’s not good for you!”  Tee hee.  I was glad I could help him…..and the cans of sea-grossness were both more than $1!

I pulled into my parking garage and saw this one tiny little spot in the back corner.  I stepped out of Lola Corolla to get a better look at the spot, and a construction worker said “It’s way too tight – you’ll never make it.”  Challenge accepted!  I had to make three small adjustments but voila!


I got out of the car, looked at him, smiled and said “In your face!”  Hehehehe!

Today’s symptoms:  Despite very little sleep last night (evil insomnia!) I felt really good this morning.  After the long drive, awesome day at the Tax Office and drive home, I’m quite drained and achy now.  I’m just going to chill for the evening with the kitties and hopefully sleep better tonight.

Lonely Flight

Last weekend, Mike and I went for a flight and I think due to the cold and wind, we were the only ones flying.  You can almost feel the cold from this pic:


The snow plow dude honked at me while I was taking his pic.  Either that, or he was trying to tell me how adorable my plane is.

We also went to an Ice Dogs hockey game at the Meridian Centre in St. Catharines.  If we lost this game, we would have likely been out of the playoffs.  They played great and I think the final score was 7-1 for the Dogs.  The mascot was there, getting pucks thrown at him for a contest:


We met up with Mike’s boss after the game and went over to The Works for burgery awesomeness.

Yesterday was Mike’s birthday so I took him to The Keg for din-dins.  Oh man, I always get the teriyaki steak.  It’s amazing.  He got a steak and yucky shrimp dish:


And for dessert, the Billy Minor pie, which we split:


We told the kitties about our gourmet meal and here are a couple of reactions:



We commonly refer to Pinky as a honey baked ham.  She’s a tad plump, and apparently headless:


I was off yesterday so went to visit the little Janski.  We went to the Seaway Mall to pick up the new glasses she ordered.  I picked up a pair of sunglasses while we were there:


I went to pay for them and my credit card was declined. I knew I was no where near my limit so couldn’t figure out what was happening.  Fortunately, Jan’s card was fine.  Once home, I phoned the credit card company and they said they deactivated my card due to some suspicious purchases recently, including about eight in one day in Walmart, no where near where I live.  Yup, my card number had been stolen.  Ugh.  I’m so glad they were able to catch it and I won’t have to pay for anything.  The cruddy part is I now do not have a credit card.  My mother is going to lend me hers until my new one comes in the mail.  I don’t own a debit card.  I need to get more of my MS medication soon and I don’t exactly feel like paying almost $3000 in cash!  Man, people suck.  What an inconvenience.  Just glad they stopped the wrath of the thief.

Boo kinda sucked the other night too.  She smacked Mya on top of the head.  Unfortunately, I only caught a pic right after it happened – just as she retracted her paw and a hiss by Mya:


We have a nice weekend planned.  I’m taking Mike somewhere out of town to do or see something.  I’ll provide pics in my next blog, as he won’t know where we’re going until we get there.  Sunday, we may go out for a flight in the morning and maybe join up with some Recreational Aircraft Association folks for brunch, which we go to every couple of weeks.

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty decent, except for some weird MS sensory issues, which I haven’t had in almost a year.  When sitting, it felt like I was sinking into the chair and leaning back at around a 45 degree angle.  When standing, it felt like I was floating.  When I had these symptoms previously, they were pretty much the same, plus my hands felt like they were enormous and when laying down, it felt like I was sinking through the mattress.  MS sure can cause some weird stuff!





Leaping Lizards!

I decided last weekend that I would change up Zim’s habitat a little.  I switched his tank with the one I use for the crickets and was able to add an extra platform.  He has more room now with the two levels:


I guess he’s seeing if the ramp tastes ok.  He seems to like his new digs, which I named Zimtropolis.  So Peanut wouldn’t get jealous, I gave him a little more attention over the last week:

Boo was pretty excited to see him as well:


Pinky wasn’t as thrilled to have him in her domain:


Abby was checking out Zim while he was out, frolicking about:


I’m so proud of my children all getting along so well.  Although, with the look on Abby’s face, I’m not too sure how thrilled she is with her sister Boo:


Pinky had an equally shocked look on her adorable face when Mike was doing something behind her:


I took some vacation time this week and went for a flight.  I flew over Jan’s house and waved to her while she stood out on the driveway.  I did some aerobatics once I was back over the airport.  I hooked up my GoPro and got some pretty decent video.  When I was testing out the camera at home before the flight, I got this ultra weird shot of Boo while she was sniffing the lens:


Mike said she looks like a dog and my mother said she looks like a hamster.  Anyway, it was a great flight and hopefully I’ll be able to go up again this weekend:


Before heading home, I stopped off at the Petsmart in Niagara Falls to utilize my 20% off coupon and load up on cat food and litter.  Since the dry food I get my kitties is $75 a bag, the discount was very helpful!


After loading up the car with my $328 worth of food and litter (ugh!), I headed home.   Soon after walking in the door, three of the little freaks decided they wanted a drink from the bathroom sink:


Abby, not wanting to be left out, joined us on the dinner table while we ate our gourmet meal of cheese fries with chicken:


Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty decent today.  Had to head out of town for a dentist appointment, plus had a nice visit with little Janski.  I’m glad tomorrow is Friday, but at the same time, I can’t believe (and am a little sad) with how fast the week went by.  And how the heck did it get to be March already?