Laughing Yoga? Laughing Aerobatics!

Laughing Yoga? Laughing Aerobatics!

I took up a retired co-worker today.  We were hoping to fly yesterday but the weather pooped out on us.  Fortunately, woke up to better conditions today.  Sweet!  We met at the airport for around 9:30.  We first went up over the Falls:


We didn’t see or hear any other planes or the helicopters while we were buzzing around at 3600′.  Guess it was too nippy for people.


She seemed to be enjoying the flight, so we headed North to Niagara-On-The-Lake.  She was feeling even more adventurous so we flew west to the St. Catharines Airport for some aerobatics.  Still at a bit over 3500′, we started off with a loop.  I have never had a passenger laugh so much during a maneuver!  It was priceless:


She was totally hardcore and had no issues with doing a bunch more stunts.  We did an aileron roll, snap roll, hammer head…..


….and finished off with a spin, straight down:


She laughed and screamed through everything – it was music to my ears!  I love nothing better than hearing my passenger having an amazing experience!  We flew for almost an hour, then came down for a nice gentle landing.  The flight was a blast for both of us!


Today’s symptoms: Had another good day!  Slept fairly well last night, which always helps.  I was quite drained in the afternoon, but always get pooped after a flight (especially aerobatics!)  Totally worth it.  I ended up taking the rest of the day off and just chilled with the kitties.

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