Elizabooks – Review

Elizabooks – Review

My mother and I both started reading a great book series.  They’re the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.  I’m part way into book four and my mother is on book nine.  Man, they are awesome!  Funniest books I’ve read in a very long time.  Here’s a quote from Goodreads, linked above:

Stephanie Plum is a bounty hunter with attitude. In Stephanie’s opinion, toxic waste, rabid drivers, armed schizophrenics, and August heat, humidity, and hydrocarbons are all part of the great adventure of living in Jersey. She’s a product of blue-collar Trenton, where houses are attached and narrow, cars are American, windows are clean, and dinner is served at six.

Out of work and out of money, with her Miata repossessed and her refrigerator empty, Stephanie blackmails her bail bondsman cousin, Vinnie, into giving her a try as an apprehension agent. And that’s only the beginning of series that will set her on the trail of fugitives. Stephanie will have to sharpen her sleuthing skills, because she’s got many a mystery to solve.

I’m not usually into mystery or crime books, but I’m so glad I started reading these.  The humour is to die for and the characters will literally have you laughing out loud.  Both my little mother and I highly recommend these books!

I was hoping to go for a flight today but the weather is poopola.  Looks like I may catch a break tomorrow and be able to go up for some aerobatics.  Paws crossed!  Today, my mother came by and we went to Timmies then to the Bulk Barn and dollar store.  I had to buy some ingredients (oats, peanuts and dog food) to make food for my crickets.  This last batch I bred turned out to be far more in number than I expected.  I usually aim for about 100, but I have well over 300 this time.  I just lifted one of the layers of egg carton in their tank and was shocked at the number:


Oops.  That’s maybe a quarter of how many there are.  Good thing I can make their food in large quantities.  This batch cost me less than $2.00:


If anyone in Niagara is in need of some crickets over the next month or two, let me know!

After my mother left, I just chilled with the kitties and watched some TV.  Both Boo and Abby were sitting in really weird positions today:



Looks like they both wanted to show off their adorable little belly bulges.

While out with my best friend the other day, I spotted the coolest shirts!  I just had to buy them:

Tee hee!  I love being weird.  Speaking of which, while at my mother’s house last week, I found my egg from high school.  You know, the one we had to take care of for a couple weeks for some home economics class or something.  Of course, my egg had to be unique…


Can’t imagine what the inside looks like.  Yuck.

I just realized I neglected to put Pinky in my previous blog.  Sorry Pinky (aka Honey Baked Ham, Bacon, Porko…):


Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty good.  Slept better last night, which can make a fairly big difference.  I’m aiming for a second night in a row of awesome slumberage!  Woot!

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