Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls

Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls

I’m so happy about the previous week.  I had two really good days energy and symptom-wise.  I couldn’t believe it.  Usually after I have one really good day, I pay for it the next with more-than-normal fatigue.  I felt quite good on Wednesday – was in Hamilton all day for a work meeting.  After the drive there, spending the day, I still had good energy heading back to Niagara for my doctor appointment in Welland.  I started getting drained by the time I got home, but that is far better than I normally do so absolutely no complaints.  I couldn’t believe how good I felt when I woke up the next day, which was my day off.  I thought my little mother and I could do something different, than our normal trips to a mall on my free day.  So, we went to the Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls.  Jan had never been and I went about four years ago.  She wasn’t too thrilled with the non-bird exhibits, like the adorable snakes and spiders, and this cute dude:


He’s a wee bit larger than my little Peanut:


As you can see, Abby is thrilled:


Back to the birds…..Jan was much happier when we made it to the main aviary:




I love how this little duck has his legs sprawled:


I had to pose like a dork when this guy stopped next to us:


We actually went around twice, as we paid for two hours of parking and it only took us an hour to view everything.  Back through the gift shop, I chased Jan around with this toucan:


She wasn’t too amused.

I couldn’t believe I had two good days in a row!  That’s hasn’t happened in quite some time.  The third day (yesterday) wasn’t too good and I spent at least two and a half hours in bed, feeling really drained and weak.  It was worth it though.

Was still quite drained today, so was a blob in bed until after 9:00, then Mike came over and we watched a couple shows.  At 12:30, we went to the theater in Niagara Falls to see Passengers.  It was excellent – best movie we’ve seen in a while.  Mind you, I dropped my iPhone yet again while I was trying to zip up my coat pocket (so said phone would not get dropped).  Yet again, my case broke.  I’ve glued it so many times.  I’m even missing a small piece of the edge and replaced it with a prong from a plastic fork and some packaging tape.  You can’t hardly see it and so far that piece has held up quite well!  I love that case and am not willing to part with it yet.


I haven’t had any pics of Zim here in quite a few blogs….he has been a bit shy.  He came out for a visit this evening though:


Today’s symptoms: Felt drained and weak again today but will hopefully be more perkish tomorrow.  Having bad crushing pains in my hands as well.  Not sure if we’re going flying or not – I’ll have to see how I’m feeling and check on the weather. 

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