My Cute Brain

My Cute Brain

Despite the strong winds on Saturday, Mike and I took to the skies and slowly (due to a direct headwind) headed to Brampton.  It took us about 45 minutes to fly there.  We only heard a couple other small planes on the radio, since most people prefer to fly in calmer weather. An employee of the Flying Club said I was crazy for flying and the fuel guy said he would bet me the price of fuel that I wouldn’t make it to Brampton.  Then when I was taking off, the Tower said “It’s going to take you a week to get there!”  Well to all of you, I say NYAH!!!!!


Landed safe, sound and hungry!  We bundled up Vyctor’s little nose (to keep the engine warm) and headed in for breakfast noms:


I had my usual egg white omelette and Mike went for the waffle with tasty fixins:


Donkay initially told me he didn’t want to fly with us today because it was cold and yucky, but I was able to persuade him.

As we were flying back, we noticed some yuckola weather to the North:


We kept a close eye on the weather on the way there, during breakfast and heading back, so we knew it wasn’t going to be an issue for us.  With the tail wind, we were back in St. Catharines in less than 35 minutes.  Sweet!

Back home, I decided to take a picture of the new little lesion I noticed on my brain, from the MRI images I picked up from the hospital last week.  Here’s what it looks like:


I see my neurologist next week and I’m going to ask him if he took a really close look at the lesion.  I’ll then show him this:


Then this:


Tee hee!  I always try to make light of the crappy things in life – it makes it much easier to cope.  The lesion isn’t something I can change, so there’s no point in getting all bummed.  At least it’s just one – and it’s adorable!

Another thing I did this weekend was go through some old letters I found from elementary and high school.  I actually kept a huge stack of them.  It’s so weird to see old style texting!  I was actually going to toss them, as I’m kinda in purging mode, but decided instead to sort them by writer and date.  Will be neat to go back and read them in a few years:


Since the kids were sick over Christmas, Mike and I were unable to see the nephews and nieces and bring them their pressies.  We were able to see them last week, and they were all thrilled with their gifts (Lego for the boys and My Little Pony dudes for the girls).  I think Mike was jealous and he wandered around like this for quite some time:


Oh well, he’ll get over it.  Maybe I can get him his own for his upcoming birthday.  He likes the colour green.  Are there green My Little Pony dolls?  Hmmmmm……  Speaking of green, I walked into the spare room and little Peanut was posed like this:


Gosh-darnit-all-to-heck he’s cute.

Today’s symptoms: I actually had a really good day today.  I had an all-day meeting in Hamilton, then an appointment with my doctor in Welland.  My energy was decent (for a nice change!) so I didn’t have any issues with all the driving and running around.  Life is good!

2 thoughts on “My Cute Brain

  1. Elizabeth,
    The way you seem to live life and how you talk about your health is really inspiring to me and I bet to many others. You make me realize that my problems are so petty, and that I am very very lucky for what God has blessed me with. You are one of the strongest people I know.
    Thank you my winged friend for bringing me back down to earth…

    Your friend Tim…

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