Where Did 2016 Go?

Where Did 2016 Go?

I went about a month without flying.  Weather, health – just everything yuckola.  Fortunately, things became partially flyable on New Years Eve.  I’ve been dealing with really bad sinus and tension headaches for the last couple of weeks.  Stupid me took a sinus pill the morning we decided to go flying a couple days ago.  I normally don’t eat breakfast and I forgot how much those pills hurt my stomach and make me nauseated when my tummy is empty.  We attempted to fly to Brantford for breakfast, and the pill finally hit me about 25 minutes into our flight.  It usually takes about 40 minutes to get to Brantford, but with the strong, gusting headwind, our ground speed was only about 65 knots.  I felt too sick to keep going.  We turned around and were back at the St. Catharines Airport in about 15 minutes.  We didn’t hear another plane in the air the whole flight, as it was quite windy (25 knots gusting 31).  A tad cold too:


It was still a fun flight, especially the landing in those winds!  I love a challenge!

Going back a few days, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  My mother came over on Christmas Eve and we had some noms then watched the movie Bad Moms.  It was the second time I watched it in three weeks.  Very funny!  We opened pressies the next morning then went to Mike’s parent’s house for dinner.  We did Secret Santa with their family this year.  Mike’s younger sister had the absolute pleasure of buying for me.  She got me this awesome incense burner, which was pure white.  She bought me markers so I could have the pleasure of colouring it.  Starting to look quite nice:


I actually spent about three hours on it one night…it was so relaxing, I completely lost track of time.  As you can see, Boo was thrilled to watch the event:


Pinky was equally enthused:


New Years Eve was quiet.  I didn’t quite make it to midnight….oops.

The weather was nice today so Mike and I made another attempt to fly to Brantford for brekkie.  It was so calm today that it almost made the flight boring (I like it better when my plane is bouncing all over the place!)  Things were a little less frozen:


I was quite hungry by the time we landed, and ordered this yummy egg white, ham and cheese omelette:


After eating, I ran to the little pilot’s room and came back to this:


Mike said something nasty to Donkay and scared him into my mitten.  Bully.

Mike then had to visit the little pilot’s room and I was so tempted to take off while he was in there, after what he did to my little gray friend:


Luckily for him, I resisted temptation and decided to fly him back home (not that he deserved it).

I think my propeller was on LSD during the trip home:


It was so clear when we left St. Catharines this morning, but some snotty weather moved in by the time we came back:


We made it safe and sound.  Whenever we park, I try my darndest to get my nose wheel right on the centre of the yellow T.  I thought I did it this time….SO close!!!


I was devastated:


Great flight!  On the way home, we stopped at the hospital to pick up my MRI results.  I had either my 13th or 14th (I lost count) MRI on Boxing Day.


I’m happy to report, I checked out the disc when I got home and I still have a brain.

Back home, Boo subtlety suggested that we play badminton with her:


We declined her offer.

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty good today minus the headache, but I’ve been dealing with a worse-than-normal one for a couple weeks.  Again, it’s tension and sinus issues.  Still trying to find a new head on eBay…..

4 thoughts on “Where Did 2016 Go?

  1. I love your Odessey Lizzy. It’s like we’re there with you. Nicely done and great pics. Keep you r oars in the water and Happy New Year.

  2. 1. Good to see you back.
    2. I’d call that a GREAT parking job.
    3. 14th MRI of the YEAR….or lifetime? (I only ask cause I’m concerned about all the imaging I’m having done on my spine. Haven’t really researched enough about long term effects. You?)

    1. Greetings! No worries about the MRI. It’s the CT scan that has the radiation (I’ve had about ten of those in my life), and they’re the ones you don’t want to have too frequently. I have at least one MRI every year. From what I’ve heard from doctors and what I read, there are no harmful effects from an MRI because it’s just essentially a strong magnet. So no worries!

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