Early Morning Visitor

Early Morning Visitor

Had a neat experience this morning – the four cats and myself were snuggled in bed when we heard a noise outside the window, which is at the head of the bed.  They all sprang up like shots and checked out our visitor.  A rather large hawk had perched itself up on my 10th floor window sill.


He stayed there for about ten minutes.  Right after he flew away, I got this pic of Boo and Pinky:


Mya and Abby lost interest after a few minutes – I guess they didn’t want a winged friend.

Mike and I just had a trip to St. Jacobs last week.  I got him/us the trip for our recent anniversary.  Apparently the area was blasted by winter the day before and shut down the town.  It was mostly cleared the next day when we arrived, but there was hardly anyone in the downtown area.  It was so nice to not bump into anyone on the street or in the stores.  When we went to the Stone Crock for dinner that night, we were the only ones there until we were leaving.  The next day we went to the market and there were people milling about but nothing like during the nicer weather.  It was a great trip.  I only bought myself one item….these charming unicorn socks:


Finished up my Christmas shopping, so that was great.   We also picked up a gift for the cats:




As you can see, they were all thrilled.  I’m sure Pinky was devastated that she was in another room during this amazing photo shoot.  I was going to put it on Peanut too, but he was too busy doing this cute pose:


Due to the crappola weather lately, I haven’t been able to fly for a few weeks.  I miss little Vyctor:


Had a cute experience the other night.  Mike was on his way home and as usual, a couple of the kitties followed us out into the hall.  Pinky was rolling on the ground in front of my door (at one end of the apartment), when the woman who lives at the opposite end came out of the elevator. This is typically when the cats scatter back into my apartment.  However, Pinky went a’running down to her.  She had never seen my kitties before so she was a little shocked at this big, pink, naked cat running at her.  I said “Our Christmas ham escaped!”  Pinky rolled over right in front of her and let her pet her for a few minutes.  It was so cute.  Then she went down to her apartment and Pinky followed her.  Pinky sat outside her door after she closed it:


Mike had to walk down and bring our ham back.

Today’s symptoms: I was very drained and fatigued after our trip to St. Jacobs, which was totally expected (and worth it!)  Happy to report I’m feeling quite good today.  Having bad crushing pains in my hands though, which has been going on for a couple weeks now.  Also still going through a rather lengthy stretch of insomnia.  I’m having a very hard time getting to sleep (even with the prescription sleeping pill Sublinox) and usually wake up after a couple hours.  Then I’m up for at least a couple more hours, if not the rest of the morning.  Yuck!

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