Minor Car Accident – Ugh!

Minor Car Accident – Ugh!

I had the day off today and my mother came over for a visit.  We desperately needed coffee so we hopped in her 2002 Mercedes Crossover and headed to the Tim Hortons by the Fairview Mall in St. Catharines.  There is one really cruddy part of Geneva St. just before the mall that I (and apparently many people) hate.  It’s a weird series of two traffic lights, only about five car lengths apart, right under the QEW overpass.  The two right-most lanes go straight through from before the first light to after the second light.  A left lane forms before the second light for left turns.  We were in the middle lane and there was a red car directly to our right.  There were cars in front and behind us too – the traffic was pretty heavy.   We were second in line at the first red light.  It turned green and the next light up was also green.  We stayed in our lane, however, the red car directly next to us decided he wanted to be in our lane, so without any warning at all, he drove into our car.  Fortunately, I hit the horn the second I saw him come over and that made him quickly veer back to the right lane, but not before hitting us.  He pulled around the corner at the intersection and we parked behind him.  We hopped out and could not believe how little damage was done to my mom’s car (named The Dude).  No paint scratches, just a small dent (about the length of a finger) near the headlight.  His car was a different story:


We’re still trying to figure out how The Dude isn’t scratched at all and there is absolutely no red paint anywhere.  The guy’s first words to me were “I’m sorry – I was distracted and wasn’t paying attention.”  My mom looked over at him when we were back at the red light and he wasn’t texting or anything.  I figured we may find damage to her car later so I got his insurance info, just in case.  Apparently there was a pretty bad accident at that exact spot yesterday.  The intersection has also been in the newspaper a few times recently due to the number of close calls and incidents there.  They really need to do something about it.

Despite the minor setback, we had a good time out at the mall then over to Home Depot to replace an item I broke recently.  As you may have read in my last blog, I broke my iPhone case, screen and two shoes last week.  I figured I’d keep the destruction going by breaking a couple more things.  A couple nights ago, I had a dream that my mother asked me to come over to her house to fix her toilet seat.  Right after my alarm went off that morning, I walked into the washroom, and while I was lifting my toilet seat, I hit it with my leg and snapped it off the hinge.  What are the odds of that?  Wish I dreamed about winning the lottery!  Sooooo….I had to replace that today.  I was going to buy this one:


…..decided that I just wasn’t willing to pay that much for a toilet seat at the moment.

Elizadestruction continued as I also snapped the hinge on Zim’s tank lid.  Geesh – enough already!

Speaking of lizards, check out this grossness – little skin “glove” from Peanut’s last shedding:



The old Goodwill office and Legion across the way from my apartment is being demolished.  Kinda neat to see, as I have a perfect view:


Jan and I drove by the back of the building on the way home:


With my destruction bout I’m going through right now, I should offer to go over there and touch the building – the whole thing will probably crumble in a second!

One last thing – I was doing an online survey today through a financial institution.  I wonder if I went a little off topic with my final answer:


Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty good today.  Still having those awful crushing pains in my hands.  MS symptoms can be so rude!  My energy was pretty decent this week though, so I guess I shan’t complain!  Life is good!

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