Elizafailure – Check This Out!!!

Elizafailure – Check This Out!!!

Ok, you’ll never believe this.  Mike and I took the day off of work today so we could take advantage of the amazing 19 degree weather and go for a nature walk around the Wainfleet quarry.  I should have known what a crappy day this was going to be when I pulled back the sheets this morning (while Abby was next to me) and I noticed the poop streak down my sheet that was up against me.  No, I didn’t poop the bed – Abby must have cut the cheese and accidentally discharged.  I then went to get cleaning supplies and came upon more of her poop and a pile of barf on my floor.  Good times.  So, Mike came over, we went down to my car and it wouldn’t open with my key FOB – it was dead.  I had to run upstairs and get my spare.  I came back down and we drove out to Jan’s.  Everything was good – nice visit then we drove out to the quarry:



As we were climbing up the wall in the back of the above photo, that’s where everything fell to poop.  I thought I had my beautiful iPhone 5s in my deep pocket, but apparently it wasn’t so deep at all.  I watched it fall in slow motion – watched the case break apart then the phone bounce and land on it’s face.  Yup, it was bad:


Ugh, I felt so sick.  My case broke apart too (it was a nice case – more than one should spend on a case, but I’ve had it for almost three years).  It took a few minutes to find the little corner part:


While still standing there where the tragic event unfolded, I phoned Best Buy.  They said they don’t replace screens but mentioned Wintronics in St. Catharines.  I phoned them and they said they replaced the screens.  Ok, this is good.  I said I would be there soon.  As we climbed back down the wall and toward the car, I felt something off with my right shoe.  I’ve had these shoes since university (so like 67 years now)..  Well, I guess shoes rot over the years.  Half of the sole on my right shoe fell off!  Regardless, we drove to the phone repair shop, as I attempted to walk in my rotted shoes:


I told the guy in the shop that I was truly having a “rotten” day and slumped my way over to the repair department.  They said they didn’t have any screens on hand and would have to order one, so it could be repaired Monday.  They said I could check out Miki-Wireless on St. Paul, which is close to where I live.  I was pretty impressed that they would refer me somewhere else!  I called Miki and they said they could repair it today.  As we headed back out to my car, my sole gave way:


I felt like I was driving in slippers.  We got back to my apartment and started walking up to my unit.  That’s when I realized my other shoe had also rotted.  So I had a “slipper” soleless shoe on one foot and a flopping sole on the other.  I looked like a real winner!  We got upstairs, I changed my shoes and we walked over to Miki.  They said they would do it in an hour.  About thirty minutes later, they called Mike on his cell and said my battery was old and started to expand, and therefore needed to be replaced.  I’m not too surprised as it was seriously starting to lose performance over the last couple of months.  I said to replace it as well as the screen.  I must admit, I’m SO impressed.  They replaced my screen and battery and it came to $163.  I won’t mention any names, but there’s a place in the PEN Centre that would do it as well, but my bill would have been $374 and they would have had to send out my phone for about two weeks!

I thought I was done being a klutz for the day, but when we got home, I dropped the handi-wipes I brought with us to the quarry, and they spilled everywhere:


Mike just had his own little bad moment.  We were watching a movie and Abby was on his lap and apparently let a big one rip:


I must admit, it was pretty rank.  Even Abby was gasping a bit!

What a day – I think I need to go to bed for a few days!

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty decent today despite sleeping fairly little last night (fell asleep after midnight and woke up just before 4:30).  Yuck!  Still having the crushing pain in my hands but I think it’s getting a bit better.

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