Back In The Skies

Back In The Skies

After almost a month of not flying, Mike and I were able to fly out for breakfast on Saturday.  Our plan was to go to Guelph, but about fifteen minutes away, we realized the weather (low clouds) weren’t lifting like we hoped.  So, we called the Hamilton Tower and let them know we were heading south-west to Brantford.  Just before arriving in the Brantford circuit, we heard four other planes coming into land.  Oh geez!  The restaurant there is always so busy as it is.  I spoke with the other planes to get their positions, and followed the fourth guy on the downwind.  We taxied like crazy to get over to the restaurant.  I booted Mike out to get in line as soon as the propeller stopped.  Darn – no tables left.  Fortunately, there were a couple seats at the other end of the six-seater that two guys were at, so I asked if we could sit at the other end.  The whole time we were there, other folks kept coming in.  They have amazing food so many folks drive in to eat.

While we were there, Ornge Air Ambulance landed to drop off a patient to a waiting ambulance.  Mike took this shot while we were heading out:


We took off and had a nice tailwind on the way home:


The new arch over the Burgoyne Bridge in St. Catharines looks pretty cool from the air:


As we came in to land, we noticed the Homer Bridge by the St. Catharines Skyway was up.  Mike got a couple of nice shots:



It was a great day and a pretty nice weekend.  I started feeling pretty lousy on Sunday though.  The glands in my neck have been very sore and swollen and I have a bad ear ache and killer headache.  Not sure what it is, because I don’t have any other symptoms of a cold or anything.  Weird.

On Sunday, we did manage to make it out for some shopping.  I needed to get more crickets for breeding.  I’m not sure if the last batch was successful – the eggs (if there are any) are still incubating.  The apartment has been colder than normal and I know crickets don’t breed much in low heat.  I decided to add to their under-the-tank heater with some overhead lighting and I insulated the bottom and sides of the tank.  Hopefully this batch will yield a bunch of babies:


Today’s symptoms: Still feeling pretty punk, but fortunately not much worse than Sunday.  I’ve already made the decision that I’m going to feel better tomorrow!

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