Happy Birthday, Abby!!!!

Happy Birthday, Abby!!!!

This is Halloween for most people but for me, it’s the birthday of my youngest daughter, Abby.  My mother sent her an E-Card, so I picked Abby up and showed her:


She loved it!  Then, Mike bought her this amazing cake (and by her, I mean us):

She loved it!  And by her I mean Mike and I.  We were forced to eat it on her behalf.  Tragic.

Mike and I were watching a movie the other night.  Here’s a screen shot.  Yeah, classic Christmas zombie movie:


It wasn’t too good so I tried to distract myself with this awe-inspiring idea.  Y’all know of Lee Iacocca.  Well, Mike’s parents have three Siamese cats, one is named Coco.  For some reason, I thought of this and went through with it’s creation:


After creating it, I decided it would be best to send it to Mike’s dad.  His response:


Yup, that’s his son as a hamster…and some Pinky editing:




Meanwhile, it took me about fifteen minutes to create my Coco photo and he sent me about seven Pinky recreations in less than ten minutes.  Clearly I need to update my software.

So here’s another little tidbit on my life recently.  Mike has been collecting the Disney Planes diecast characters.  I have found and picked up at least 80% of his collections (because I go over to the States more than him).  Jan and I went over the river last week and I kinda found three new characters, and they were all Cessnas, just like my Vyctor.  There was only one of each so I kinda had to acquire them for myself:


I already had the one on the left.  I pointed them out to Mike and here was his reaction:


I had to dash his hopes and dreams and tell him I was selfish and bought them for moi, but I would look for the same when I go to Rochester next month.  He’ll stop crying eventually.

In more wondrous news, we have been faithfully watching 60 Days In.  What a great show.  One of the Sheriffs totally reminded me of someone all this time but I didn’t figure it out until the other night:


It finally hit me, he’s Bobby Hill from King Of The Hill:


So now you’re up to date.  You’re welcome!  And4 please get your Flu Shot:


Even Boo is thrilled at the thought:


Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty decent today.  Life is always better when you wake up covered in kitties.  My energy has been close to MS-average for the last few days.  I’ll take that over MS-yuckola any day!

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