Frozen Cats In Clothes

Frozen Cats In Clothes

For some reason, there has been no heat in our apartment building yet, so we’ve all been a tad cold.  I’ve never before had to use a space heater or heated blanket here.  I’ve also had to drop to an all-time low and put my naked kitties in clothes.  As you can imagine, they have been quite cold (sans hair).  Little Sponge Paw Square Pants Mya:


Pinky was seriously squeezed into this outfit so I didn’t keep it on her too long:


Actually went out and bought her a new coat.  Say hello to Santa Pinky:


Boo didn’t last two minutes in anything I tried on her.  Just growled the whole time and didn’t move.  Abby, on the other paw, was quite content in her little green knitted sweater:


I eventually transferred Mya into a warmer sweater, since the Sponge Bob was quite thin (despite looking this adorable):


I had to bring the space heater out.  A couple of them took a number and got in queue for a spot in front:



They were even more snuggly while resting:


Mike and I watched the movie Don’t Breathe (it was excellent!) and had some crackers.  Mya just couldn’t help herself and kept begging for them:


Then the ultimate cat pose – this is the best pic EVER!


Could a mother be more proud?  I think not!  Precious.

I would write a longer blog but I’m too cold to type anymore.  Hopefully the heat comes on soon!

Today’s symptoms: Have had a really bad headache for the last four or five days now – worse than I’ve had in years.  I think it’s just been a very stressful week and that’s what did it.  Also had that stupid MS Hug symptom a few days ago, which seemed to have had some lasting effects.  Tomorrow will be better….

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