Amazing Vacation, Part 2

Amazing Vacation, Part 2

Ok, continuing from yesterday’s blog about our Manitoulin Island trip….

Mike and I planned on going on our hike on the Cup and Saucer Trail on Saturday, since we couldn’t do so on Friday, due to the weather.  We headed out toward the trail around 10:00 in the morning, to showers and small down pours.  Ugh.  This wasn’t looking good.  What the heck though – we would start the walk and if it got too bad, we could turn back.


We wanted to do the whole 12.5km trail, but it was so cold and dreary.  Fortunately, the sun started coming out soon after we started.  We were surprised how quickly we made it up to the first look-out point this time compared to last year.  It literally felt like half the time.  Perfect time for a photo shoot:




Mike is proud to have such a normal girlfriend.

My energy was ok so we decided to attempt the whole trail.  We passed many a’mushrooms along the way:



Donkay wanted to enjoy this one:


This one looked like turkey, which was appropriate for Thanksgiving:


Even a nearby leaf was shocked at the turkey shroom:


We finally came around (after about three and a half hours of walking) to the Adventure Trail.  This included a neat little cavern, which I eagerly jumped into (and my unicorn head accidentally slipped onto my head):



I eventually persuaded Mike to come on down too:


Soon, after, we set up the timer on my camera and got this nice shot:


After almost four hours and about 15,000 steps, we made it back to the van (and collapsed into a heap).  Fortunately, I had enough energy left to drive us back to the cabin, where we collapsed into another heap (right after we snapped a pic of the owner’s one dog):


The worst part of the trip was having to leave on Sunday morning.  Bummer.  I was kinda hoping the weather would be yucky so we were “stuck” there for another day.  It was quite nice though, so we headed back to the airport around 11:00.  It was nice to see little Vyctor again:


After having a nice chat with the airport manager, Robbie, we filed our flight plan then hit the skies.  We flew right over Wolsey Lodge, where we spent the last three nights:


When we made it over to Tobermory, we got to see the Chi-Cheemaun ferry pooping out cars, with plenty more waiting to board:


We made it home safe and sound.  It was great to see my awesome little kitties and lizards again, but it was sad the trip was over.

Today’s symptoms: Actually felt pretty decent.  Been going through a bit of an insomnia patch again, but last night was a bit better than most over the last couple of weeks.  Hopefully tomorrow is even better as I have to drive to Hamilton to work.

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