Amazing Vacation, Part 1

Amazing Vacation, Part 1

Mike and I just had a great vacation.  We flew up to Manitoulin Island on Thursday.  It took less than two and a half hours to get there.  It was a fairly smooth flight, but came into some cloudage around Wiarton and up to Manitoulin:


I typically prefer to have land under me when flying, so the flight over water from Tobermory to the Island was a little nerve-wracking.  It was comforting to hold Donkay’s hoof:


We called Robbie at Gore Bay Airport and he let us know there were clear skies overhead there:


I decided to accessorize once we landed:


We were again so grateful to be allowed to use the Gore Bay Airport courtesy van for our stay on the Island.  Robbie even drove it over to the ramp next to Vyctor so we could unload.  After tying down Vyc, we bid him a fond farewell – felt bad leaving him all alone but we knew he would hook up with other planes there for hangar parties and such.


Our first stop was the grocery store in Gore Bay to pick up some noms, then we head over to the same place we stayed last time – Lake Wolsey Cabins.  We had such a great time there last year.  Here is the cabin we stayed in:


Right on the lake – it was perfect.  One thing we really love about staying here is the games room.  We both suck at pool but have a great time playing:


Our plan for the second day there was to hike the Cup and Saucer Trail.  Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas.  We were totally shocked when we pulled up the radar for the Island.  Do you think Mother Nature was trying to tell us something?


Geesh!  Such a rude gesture!  Oh well, we decided to just go into town the next day, include a short drive over to Manitoulin Chocolate Works.  We then went up the road to Bridal Veil Falls:


Perfect time to bring out the accessories:


I have no shame – there were at least a dozen people there looking at and taking pics of the Falls:


After checking out the Falls, we headed to our favourite restaurant, the Twin Bluffs.  When we were there last year, burger-connoisseur Mike had their Twin Bluffs burger and said it was the best burger he has ever had.  Not surprising, he got it again and said it was still the best:


On the way back to the cabin, I had to pull over the van for another photo shoot:





I think Mike said something to the effect of “Man you’re weird” when I climbed back into the van.

I shalt continue with Part 2 of this blog very soon!  I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with too much awesomeness….  Stay tuned!

Today’s symptoms: Feeling pretty drained today but that’s to be expected after the trip and how much we did.  Getting a weird MS symptom again where it feels like my face is on fire.  Really annoying and increases my fatigue level.

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