My New Noodle

My New Noodle

I’m still having fun with my new unicorn head.  I thought I would be creative and combine it with my banana costume.  This is “art” by the way:


Strike a pose!


Like I said in my last blog, stay tuned!  More shots on the way.

Mike and I had a really nice weekend.  As the Grape and Wine parade was right around our homes, we couldn’t really get our cars out Saturday so we were forced to watch the parade.  I used to march in many parades every year when I was with the E.L.Crossley Marching Band (as a drummer)  I haven’t seen Crossley in the Grape and Wine parade over the last three years. I don’t get it.  Oh well, we just sat on the steps of City Hall and watched – great seats:


Ice Dogs hockey team float:


It was a good parade but there was only one actual float, but I guess that’s due to budgets and stuff.

Later on Saturday, we spent some time playing Call of Duty on the XBox.  As usual, the score showed me being a tad ahead in kills (I’m Abby):


Poor (Sammytard) Mike always seems so shocked:


After I accidentally kicked his butt (typical), we decided to try another fine Pierre product, like the bacon cheeseburger (purchased at Giant Tiger – see previous blog).  This time we had the breakfast sandwich:


Took less than two minutes to heat up:


And then the nomming:


Wow – yet again shocked over how good it is. So there’s my product review for today….stay tuned for the Pierre Chicken Burger sampling!

On Sunday, the weather was quite nice so we decided to fly to Guelph for breakfast.  We landed and had an amazing experience (at least for me!).  A man that had a plane based there came on the radio and said “Hey Lizzy McFly, I read your blogs!  Welcome to Guelph!”  It was so neat to hear!  He then met us in front of the restaurant after we parked.  He told me how he wanted to buy a plane a few years ago but was able to talk himself out of it (as I did, because I thought “what if I have an MS flare-up and can’t fly…what a waste!)  He thought he was old (only in his 60’s so not old at all) and said my battle with MS and how I handled it inspired him to purchase a plane!  He bought a Challenger ultralight.  Wow, that was such an amazing thing to hear and I was so touched!  Like I always say – life is way too short to talk yourself out of your wants and dreams.  Make them happen!

After our awesome chat, we walked over to the front door of the restaurant.  The line was around ten people deep.  Ugh.  We were both rather hungry and knew it would be at least a half hour wait, so we decided to head back out and try Brantford instead.  We had just lifted off and I noticed that the Kitchener Waterloo Airport was just off of our right wing.  I called up the Tower and was cleared into the circuit.  By the time we took off from Guelph and landed at Waterloo, it was about ten minutes.  We parked, headed into the restaurant and were served within ten minutes.  Both airports have amazing restaurants, so we were glad we were able to have brekkie at one of them.  It turned out to be a great day and an awesome flight:


Good times followed by good cats, once we got home:


It’s good to see Pinky and Mya having a slurp together.  “Did you enjoy it, Pinky?”


That’s not her stunned face – it’s her “of course I enjoyed it!” face!  Meanwhile, Boo watched on from the tub:


On Friday, I went for my three month Gilenya (MS medication) blood work, as this medication may cause liver damage, lower your white blood cell count and there’s a very slight chance it may cause the fatal brain infection PML, so you must get checked regularly.  Through Life Labs, you can now get you lab results online.  I checked on Sunday and my lymphocytes dropped quite a bit again (they were below normal three months ago and are even lower now).  It was a little bothersome to see, but it’s somewhat typical with this medication.  The main thing is they watch over it with the regular testing.  I decided to take the news in stride by sprucing up a picture of lymphocytes I found online:


You gotta either laugh or cry about things!  Life is too short (kinda like my mother)

Today’s symptoms: Been feeling quite weak over the last few days.  I think I’m dealing with another bladder infection plus I thought it would be fun to also have a sinus infection.  Weeee!  Unfortunately, these infections really wipe me out.  This is pretty crappy timing as we are leaving soon for our flight out to Manitoulin Island.  It’ll be better by then though!

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