Dream Purchase!

Dream Purchase!

I designed my next car!  It’s a multi-million dollar Bugatti teamed up with one of my adorable speckled sphynx cats (Boo).  Introducing:


…the Boogatti!  Isn’t it awesome!  You get a discount in insurance due to it’s overwhelming cuteness (and the insurance agents feel so bad that your cat Boo is so funny looking).

Mike and I decided to “treat” ourselves with an amazing burger – this little gem can be found at your local Giant Tiger store in the frozen food section.  We kinda bought it as a joke, thinking how good can something like this actually be?


Takes a little over a minute to nuke in the microwave.  It’s going to be horrible!


Holy cow!  It was way better than we expected!  I even read reviews online and most people were so shocked with how good it was….seriously!  We shalt try the chicken burger next and I’ll report back…..stay tuned!

My bestie asked me to help with her super slow laptop the other day.  A little hobby of mine is to help folks fix and clean up their slow running computers.  After a bunch of hours cleaning, updating and tweaking, I had it running much better.  I also enhanced her computer experience by giving her a wonderful new desktop background:


She was SO thrilled to see this image!  You’re welcome again!  (I think she changed it within four seconds of seeing it….I don’t blame her).

I was off Thursday so Jan and I decided to go to the PEN Centre, here in St. Catharines.  We went into the Dollarama and were shocked to see:


Good grief, it’s not even October yet!!!  The Christmas aisle was right next to the Halloween supplies.  Next week – Easter!

On a bright note, I found something that I’ve wanted to buy for quite some time (amusement factor x 1,000,000!)  I found one in Winners!  Dream Purchase!


I had to try it on before I bought it, of course.  Jan was all too thrilled to take the picture.  I snapped another one once I got home:


“Do you like my new head, Abby?”


She’s thrilled!  I have lots of plans for this, so check back soon.  Tee hee!

Today’s symptoms: Dealing with yet another yucky bladder infection and decided that both ends should suffer, so have a sinus infection too.  Good times!  Totally draining, I feel really yucky and drained.  Hopefully the antibiotics kick in VERY soon.  Enough of this silliness!  Tomorrow will be awesome!

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