Stratford Flight with Mommy-kins

Stratford Flight with Mommy-kins

My mother and I always fly out to Stratford every year.  It’s a little less than an hour flight.  I know – you’re all envious because we flew to our nation’s pride….yes, Justin Beiber.  Fortunately, the flight there was very smooth.  When my mother flies with me and I hit the slightest air pocket, my mother glares at me and says “You did that on purpose!”  Yes mother – I see those invisible air pockets and plan my route right towards them, just for you.  Just remember, little bumps in the air are less damaging than some of Niagara’s greatest pot-holes!  Here we are coming up on the Burlington Skyway:


And when we finally spotted the Stratford Airport:


My propeller is blocking a bit of the main runway, which we weren’t landing on.  Of course, the winds were favouring the little dainty runway you can hardly see in the centre of the photo.  I think we also had to land on that one last year too.  Fortunately, Vyctor is equipped to handle such situations and hardly needed half of the runway before we were stopped and turning around to head back to the terminal.

The terminal folks there are so accommodating.  I asked them to call us a cab while we were just turning downwind to base.  We had just parked the plane and started talking to them in the terminal when the cab showed up.  It was so nice that one of the terminal folks remembered us from last year:


(notice how happy Vyctor is that he’s parked behind a fellow Cessna).  He was, however, the cutest plane there:


So we climbed in the cab and headed into the greatest place on earth – Tim Hortons.  We needed coffee and sweet noms.  You know when it’s within 200 days of Fall when they start selling Pumpkin Spice items at Timmies:


After our amazing noms and coffee, we headed into the town to check out all the great shops:


I’m happy to say I got a good chuck of my Christmas shopping done.  We had such a great time.  We saw so many great things, including these nom-tacular socks (which I regrettably did not purchase):


And it tis the town of our national pride and joy, Justin Beiber, we saweth these T-shirtsesth but thines mothereth did not want to purchaseth:


A cute moment of the trip was while we were in one store and saw this adorable little dog:


We left the store and walked into the next, only to have him run in behind us.  I thought he looked familiar when suddenly his owner ran down the street yelling “Bella!!!!”  We called her into our shop and said he just wanted some of the jam they were selling.  Soon after we left that shop, things got seriously weird.  My mother is cute as anything (and really short), but a complete klutz.  We had been walking around for hours and decided to head to a nearby restaurant before heading back home.  I had a vision in my head and tapped my mother and said “I just pictured you tripping!  Seriously – pick up you feet and don’t fall!”  I pictured it perfectly and within five seconds of me telling her that, down she went!  Since I somehow saw it coming, I caught her as she was falling.  She said her jeans barely hit the ground.  It was so creepy to have seen it coming, for no reason, then to watch it happen and react.  After the near tragic event, we made it a block to the restaurant and split a totally yummy order of fries.  Great day – and nice flight home.

I had another good flight a few days earlier.  My Army friend from 705 Communications Squadron in Hamilton, took the bus down to St. Catharines to meet up for a visit and flight.  The weather was really nice and smooth – something I always try to plan for with my passengers.  We took off and immediately headed over Niagara Falls:


We headed around the scenic circuit twice, then south to the Lake Erie shoreline.  I eventually convinced him to try flying the plane, which he did quite well.  We then came in for a landing and I caught this perfect shot of him in front of my plane with a nice little image in the background:


Mike, him and I then went to Kelsey’s for a late lunch.  It was such a great day. A couple days later, the winds picked up a bit.  Since I live in a corner apartment, I get a bit of a cross-breeze.  There was a massive one that day.  Check out my hair:


And my emoji poo pillow:


I was going to stick Mike up there but he was too squirmy.

If anyone is up to seeing a family flick – I’m not sure how much longer it will be in the theater – see Secret Life of Pets.  We went to see it and really enjoyed it – so cute and funny.  AND there was a pink sphynx (much skinnier than my Pinky):


Aww looks, like Pinky (second in line for the sink):


Yes, clearly we have a water shortage here and everyone needs to get in line.  Dorks.

Today’s symptoms:  I was fairly drained from the awesome, perfect day yesterday.  Totally worth it though!  Still felt decent with hardly any pain or other MS yuckiness, just fatigue and that’s about it!  Yea – it’s Friday!

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