New/Weird MS Symptom

New/Weird MS Symptom

Had quite the night last night.  I was all snuggly in my bed, surrounded by my adorable hairless kittahs, when I was suddenly woken up by this rather intense itching in my hands.  I scratched away but it did nothing to help.  The itch was so wide-spread, across the entire bottom side of my hand.  Isn’t an itch supposed be quite localized and relieved when you scratch it?  Within a couple minutes, the same sensation was in my other hand.  Then in one foot – then the other…..then the other sides of my hands.  The sensation was so irritating and uncomfortable.  After about 15 minutes of it, I went to the bathroom and stuck both my hands under cold water.  It didn’t help.  It was so intense!  I went into the freezer and rubbed my hands against the inner walls.  I took the frozen pizza box and practically sliced my skin with the cold corners….  I just couldn’t believe how overwhelming the feeling was.  After about an hour and a half, I took a full prescription sleeping pill just to knock me out.  I woke up around 7:00 am to about half the itch of the previous night.  Mike and I had planned on flying out to the Edenvale Gathering of the Classics.  I was feeling better and despite missing a couple hours of sleep, felt decent.  I figured the discomfort would be the same while out today then sitting home on the couch feeling sorry for myself.  We headed out to the airport and just the thought alone of the fun day helped to distract me from this strange new symptom.  I did some research online and it is a neurological symptom of MS.  I had never heard of this before.  I’ve heard of and experienced similar-ish symptoms, such as pins and needles, numbness and burning, but the intense itching was so new to me.  I’ve heard of the saying “I wish upon my enemy to have the worst itch ever, and arms too short to reach it”…..I now understand how wretched that would be, because right now I’m dealing with it.  I’m sure it will get better though and hopefully this isn’t an indication of a flare-up.

Ok, now back to today’s awesomeness!  It was a little over an hour of flying before we flew just East of Canadian Force Base Borden – a base I went to quite often when I was an Army Reservist.  Good ol’ firing range:


We had to fly over Minesing, a town just east of Edenvale, before heading west to our joyous destination.  There were tons of aircraft heading in before us, so we really had to keep watch.  Then the lovely Edenvale runway appeared:


Once we touched down, we had a volunteer marshaller guide us over to our parking spot:




I put my awesome new sun protector up and instantly had a few kids running over yelling “Dusty!”


After talking to a few folks, we headed out to check out the other planes and classic cars (and get out free pilot coffee):

We met up with a few folks we knew from back in Niagara, wandered around a bit more then headed back to Vyctor.  Another great time at this event:


We had another marshaller guide us out, behind a few other departing aircraft:


After taxiing down the grass runway, we got into position on the runway and headed back home.


We laughed a little at all the traffic around Toronto below us:


Great day and I must admit, all of the other things to focus on really helped to keep my mind off this rather yucky new symptom.

Today’s symptoms: Well the rest of my symptoms were decent – fatigue wasn’t too bad, pain was low, but this new “itching” symptom is really frustrating to deal with.  I guess that’s just the nature of the beast.  Paws crossed it doesn’t last too much longer!  These paws are itchy!


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