Ring Toss Kitties

Ring Toss Kitties

My little Mya likes playing with hair elastics and rubber bracelets, so I bought her some from the liquidation store the other day.  I accidentally turned the cats’ ears into a ring toss base:


As you can see, Pinky REALLY enjoyed it:


Poor kitties.  Not sure how they tolerate me!

Mya is so tiny, she fits under my rather low couch.  Was typing away at my computer and looked down to see this:


Always meows non-stop while she’s under there too.  Very strange.  At least they are sometimes normal.  Here’s Boo and Mya having a cat nap together.  It’s funny because they were such enemies for a couple months after they first met:


Here’s a little action scene of Boo yawning, which basically turns her entire head inside-out:




As you can see, the cat breath in the last pic knocked Mya right over.

Zim and Peanut, the geckos, have been quite content lately.  My cricket breeding is going perfectly.  It’s so nice not having to run to the pet store once a week to pick them up.  I probably have about 50 adults from my last batch left and around 300 just hatched from my latest batch.  Here are just a few:


Happy and well-fed Zim:


My tiny mother recently celebrated her birthday.  I kinda got her a weird gift this year, but it’s something she really wanted and needed, as her old one was breaking often.  Meet Loocinda:


After watching a couple videos on the internet, the old one was easily and quickly removed and the new one installed.  The one we removed was over 40 years old and massive.  The tank was more than two times the size.  She’ll probably notice a little reduction in her water bill.

I had to go to an eye doctor today.  Because I went off the MS drug Gilenya for a month due to my surgery at the end of March, I had to have my eyes tested again.  Apparently this med can cause macular degeneration (as well as a few other potential yuckies!).  My mother and I spent the day at the PEN Center then went to my appointment.  I’m really glad she was there to drive me back home because my vision was horrible after the tests.  She texted me once she got home, but I realized I couldn’t see my phone screen at all.  I tried my best to text her “Oh good” then “I can’t see what I’m texting” but it didn’t quite work.  Oops:


Well, at least autocorrect tried!  Still not too sure what tulipwood is….

Last but not least (there’s no “least” to her)…..I was trying to watch a show while in bed last night.  Pinky decided that she would join me.  Out of the way, pork-o!


Looks like Ramsey is trying to eat her.  She does look like a massive slab of ham, so I don’t blame him.

Today’s symptoms: Feeling a fair bit better than over the last few days.  This horrible hot weather with my MS related heat intolerance has been just awful.  I spent most of one day in bed because I was just so weak and blah.  Looks like it’s going to cool off a smidge for the long weekend then the wretched heat and humidity is supposed to return.  Blah.  Oh well, it is what it is!

2 thoughts on “Ring Toss Kitties

  1. That was very funny blog Lizzy. The tulipwood really got me LOL there just isn’t any relief from this heat. I have zero ambition 😦

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