Month: May 2016

Rankin Cancer Run – Aerial View

Just had an amazing experience today – as last year, I flew over the Rankin Cancer Run in St. Catharines.  I must admit, flying over 10,000 people is an overwhelming sight!  Check it out:





Really takes your breath away to see how many people are coming together to fight such a great cause.

An aviation friend of mine was kind enough to take these pics of my plane, as I did a little aerobatic show over the canal for everyone prior to the start of the run:

Rankin Vyc

Rankin Vyc 3

Rankin Vyc 2

Tee hee!  Pretty neat to see!

What an amazing experience!  To make it even better, I heard they raised over $1,000,000!!!!  I’m so honoured to have played a small role in the event by giving people a little show then taking some pics!

Once I got back to the airport, I installed my awesome new windshield sun cover thing.  Everyone always tells me how much my plane looks like Dusty from Disney Planes.  Well, now he really looks like him!


It’s a little big so I have to do some trimming and folding, but I think it looks pretty good!

Had a great flight last weekend too.  Mike and I planned to fly to Tillsonburg, but as we switched the radio over to their frequency about 18 minutes out, we realized how many planes were heading there.  We didn’t want to risk not getting a seat at their restaurant, so we detoured 6 minutes north to Brantford.  Mike got a dish that contained pretty much everything:


We were a little bit heavier flying back, but we made it!

Since I don’t want to deprive anyone of pics of some of my beautiful children, here you go:




You’re welcome!

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty decent this morning despite barely sleeping last night (had a bad stomach ache all night).  Quite tired this afternoon, which isn’t surprising after the amazing but very hot flight.  Totally worth it!

Friday 13th Port Dover Fly-Over

I’ve been looking forward to this Friday 13th since last year.  I usually fly over Port Dover on Friday 13th for the mass biker gathering.  There is only one of them this year, so I was really hopeful the weather would be decent.  As of the day before, it was looking really bad – rain was pretty much guaranteed, which totally sucked for the tens of thousands of bikers and moi!  Fortunately, there was some clear weather in the morning, so I headed to the airport.  In less than 40 minutes, I was over Port Dover.  I don’t think there was quite the turn-out as other years, but it was still a pretty neat sight:



Typical bike parking lot:


Good flight!  The weather totally turned yucky soon after I got home, so I’m glad I made it out when I did.

Once I landed, I headed up to the tower for a visit with the Flight Service Station folks.  Brain was thrilled to see Donkay again and greeted him accordingly:


And then:


I’m pretty sure they were love stabbings!

One of the FSS dudes came in for his shift not long after I arrived.  On his way into work, he had picked some wild asparagus which apparently grows freely throughout Niagara – who knew!


Yum!  (minus the smelly aftermath!)

Another good time during last week was during a Mary K party a friend from work invited me to.  I was able to bring a friend, so I brought bestie Laura with me.  We showed up at the Bed and Breakfast – Lily’s House on the 12 around 6:00pm.  Wow.   All I can say is wow.  This place was gorgeous.  It’s right on 12 Mile Creek  in St. Catharines.  The owner, Lily, has done an amazing job decorating and used her father’s beautiful artwork, such as this:


She even has artists come to her business and provide art classes.  Laura and I both want to sign up for one of these classes soon.  Here’s her schedule:!calendar/mxdeo

Prior to our Mary K session, Lily cooked us a delicious dinner:


Followed by dessert:


What a great evening!

Back home, I took little Peanut out of his cage and let best bud Pinky spend some time with him.  They were both thrilled, as you can see:


Today’s symptoms:  Feeling on and off physically over the last week or so.  Been pretty down and that always has a negative impact on how I feel and my MS symptoms.  Hopefully things turn out and start to pick up!