So the puzzle saga continues.  Mike and I were working on one for three days.  It was quite challenging yet we got about 3/4 of the way done.  Well, I was sitting on the couch one afternoon when I heard Boo jump up on the table, the puzzle slid across and then I heard dozens of pieces hitting the chair and then floor.  Ugh.  Here is the result – thanks Boo:


Yup, was bound to happen.

Despite this horrific event, Mike and I pressed onward and decided to start a new one.  Mya didn’t care at all that we were utilizing her sun spot:


On a bright note, it was Pinky’s birthday on the 7th.  She turned eight.  Happy birthday, Pinky!


Mike got her an awesome catnip pickle, which she loves:


She looks much thinner in this pic – nice!

On another bright note, and this is going to thrill y’all to tears – everyone in my apartment building got a new toilet for water-saving-measures.  I felt so sad saying goodbye to Looise.  However, I welcomed Loocy to my humble abode.  At first, I thought they were installing her in my hall for easy access:


However, she was eventually installed in the loo, where she belonged.  Isn’t Loocy adorable and so high tech?


Today’s symptoms: Still recovering from surgery but feeling so much better.  Pain is much less as is the general achiness, plus my bloat-a-roos is certainly down.  Had a few bad MS days in there – never enjoy those.  I don’t know if it’s from the surgery recovery or something else but been a bit more down emotionally the last few days.  I’m sure things will get better though.  They always do!

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