Going Stir-Crazy

Going Stir-Crazy

Surgery recovery is still going well, although boring at times and I miss being in the office.  Thankfully I have the amazing kitties, lizards and Mike comes over most evenings.  My four little angels were lined up ever so proper for breakfast this morning.


As you can see, Pinky is getting quite porkish.  I’m sure she’s over ten pounds now:


Mike and I are still on a jigsaw puzzle kick.  They can be very tricky to do when you have monkeys for cats.  We’ve seen this enough times:


And this:


And of course, this:


Oh well – adds an extra challenging layer to the experience!

I got out the other day, as I’ve been going stir-crazy at home.  Jan came by and the three of us went to Timmies then to Fairview Mall for a quick look around.  It was quite nice to get out.  I got a little teary eyed when I saw a kid’s ride, because it was an airplane.  It’s been at least three weeks since I’ve flown and am seriously missing it.  I thought this would temporarily fill the void, but it didn’t help as much as I hoped:


Actually, it kinda hurt being scrunched like that, so the “flight” didn’t last too long.

So since I’ve been mostly home-bound, I really don’t have too much else to report.  You know, other than things like this:


Porky…..errrrr…..I mean Pinky being silly in my laundry bag:


And Abby getting a tan:


Today’s symptoms: Felt really weak and tired today – much more than since the surgery.  I’m sure it’s just a bad MS day though and tomorrow will be better.  Still quite sore and achy from the surgery, but getting better each day. 

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