Month: April 2016

Poor Snaggle Tooth Boo

The other day, I noticed quite a site.  Poor little Boo had a lose tooth that stuck out of her adorable, little mouth:


I phoned the vet right away and got her in to see her the next day.  Unfortunately, the tooth had to be removed surgically.  At least they were available to do it on Saturday, so poor Booser didn’t have to wait until Monday.  The surgery went very well and I was able to sit with her as she came out of the anesthetic:


When we got home, I let her out of her carrier but quickly had to put her back in, as she was running into things and falling over.  She stayed in her carrier for about another hour.  Since Mya has had dental surgery three times, with about 15 teeth removed, she was quite sympathetic of Boo’s situation.  Although, she did laugh at her a bit while she was in the carrier:


Boo was able to eat soft food that night and she’s been doing so much better.  I think that tooth may have been bothering her for a while, but it wasn’t showing any issues when the vet checked her teeth a few weeks ago.

Soon after she got out of her jail cell, Pinky jumped right in.  She’s weird:


I asked Abby if she felt bad for Boo and she yelled “Heck no!  You how many times I’ve been to the vet in my lifetime!?”


It was amazing to see how the two enemies, Abby and Pinky, are more than willing to be tolerable of each other when food is involved:


Back to Boo – she went for a follow-up appointment at the vet’s office on Monday.  She is healing fine and can go back to crunchy food in a week:


I was sitting on my couch today when I heard the dreaded sound I heard once before – a cat jumping up on the table and sliding the jigsaw puzzle right off.  Another bites the dust:


It wasn’t Boo this time though.  Little, sweet, innocent Mya was the culprit:


Kinda hard to get mad at an adorable face like that.

Today’s symptoms: Felt kinda blah today….lots of aches and pains and fairly more fatigue than usual.  I think it’s from the MS, rather than the surgery.  Recovery from that is still going great – yea!

Day At The Clinic

I’m happy to report that my recovery is still going well.  I was able to go up for a little flight this weekend.  Obviously no aerobatics yet though as they put way too much strain on my body.  Mike and I just headed around Niagara, such as over Merrittville Speedway:


My old high school, E.L. Crossley:


I flew over my mother’s house and I saw her out back, filling the bird feeders.  Mike took a pic of my turn as we circled over….tee hee!


Nice, gentle 90 degree turn!  It was a great flight and it was so good to be back up in the air again:


Afterwards, Lil Jan came by and the three of us went to Cora’s for breakfast.  The line up was out the door, so we had to wait about 15 minutes.  Totally worth it though.  Mike got this monster breakfast hamburger dish:


It was kinda amusing watching him trying to eat it, as it was a tad messy.  Speaking of messy, we got back home and I inadvertently left the mitten cupboard open.  Mya always jumps in and starts burrowing.  She sat there for a few minutes after making a total mess.  Then Pinky took her spot (you can see her adorable little head and part of her porkish body):


As usual, neither of them offered to clean up the disaster area.  Dorks.  After that, it was a little sunbathing on the chair:


And Abby out on the balcony:


That’s always one of the first signs of good weather – a cat that ventures outside.  Another sign is pool noodles!


Mike got whacked by one the other day too, so I feel much better now!

Due to my surgery last month, my neurologist took me off my MS medication Gilenya.  For the first dose you take of this daily oral med, you have to be medically monitored for seven to eight hours.  Blood pressure and heart rate needs to be checked every thirty minutes.  Because I was off of the med for a month, I had to go through this again for restarting it today.  Blah.  So I spent all day at a medical clinic.  Rather boring but I got a fair bit of stuff done on my computer, plus a bit of reading.  I was so tired when I got home that I had to lay down for a couple hours.  Who knew sitting on your butt all day could be so exhausting?!

Today’s symptoms: I felt pretty good this weekend and today.  Not too many MS issues, other than the usual fatigue, aches and pains and headache.  The pain for the surgery continues to get better, but gets fairly sore if I remain in the same position for too long, which kinda happened today.  Tomorrow will be better!


So the puzzle saga continues.  Mike and I were working on one for three days.  It was quite challenging yet we got about 3/4 of the way done.  Well, I was sitting on the couch one afternoon when I heard Boo jump up on the table, the puzzle slid across and then I heard dozens of pieces hitting the chair and then floor.  Ugh.  Here is the result – thanks Boo:


Yup, was bound to happen.

Despite this horrific event, Mike and I pressed onward and decided to start a new one.  Mya didn’t care at all that we were utilizing her sun spot:


On a bright note, it was Pinky’s birthday on the 7th.  She turned eight.  Happy birthday, Pinky!


Mike got her an awesome catnip pickle, which she loves:


She looks much thinner in this pic – nice!

On another bright note, and this is going to thrill y’all to tears – everyone in my apartment building got a new toilet for water-saving-measures.  I felt so sad saying goodbye to Looise.  However, I welcomed Loocy to my humble abode.  At first, I thought they were installing her in my hall for easy access:


However, she was eventually installed in the loo, where she belonged.  Isn’t Loocy adorable and so high tech?


Today’s symptoms: Still recovering from surgery but feeling so much better.  Pain is much less as is the general achiness, plus my bloat-a-roos is certainly down.  Had a few bad MS days in there – never enjoy those.  I don’t know if it’s from the surgery recovery or something else but been a bit more down emotionally the last few days.  I’m sure things will get better though.  They always do!

Going Stir-Crazy

Surgery recovery is still going well, although boring at times and I miss being in the office.  Thankfully I have the amazing kitties, lizards and Mike comes over most evenings.  My four little angels were lined up ever so proper for breakfast this morning.


As you can see, Pinky is getting quite porkish.  I’m sure she’s over ten pounds now:


Mike and I are still on a jigsaw puzzle kick.  They can be very tricky to do when you have monkeys for cats.  We’ve seen this enough times:


And this:


And of course, this:


Oh well – adds an extra challenging layer to the experience!

I got out the other day, as I’ve been going stir-crazy at home.  Jan came by and the three of us went to Timmies then to Fairview Mall for a quick look around.  It was quite nice to get out.  I got a little teary eyed when I saw a kid’s ride, because it was an airplane.  It’s been at least three weeks since I’ve flown and am seriously missing it.  I thought this would temporarily fill the void, but it didn’t help as much as I hoped:


Actually, it kinda hurt being scrunched like that, so the “flight” didn’t last too long.

So since I’ve been mostly home-bound, I really don’t have too much else to report.  You know, other than things like this:


Porky…..errrrr…..I mean Pinky being silly in my laundry bag:


And Abby getting a tan:


Today’s symptoms: Felt really weak and tired today – much more than since the surgery.  I’m sure it’s just a bad MS day though and tomorrow will be better.  Still quite sore and achy from the surgery, but getting better each day.