Recovery Going Well!

Recovery Going Well!

It’ll be a week tomorrow since having my surgery and recovery is going well!  I finally took a little trip out of the apartment yesterday as Mike and I walked two blocks over to the Giant Tiger.  It was great to get out but the trip totally wiped me out.  I was able to get a smidge of energy back after nomming on part of the amazing gift the folks from the St. Catharines Airport Tower gave me – an incredible chocolate covered fruit tray:


It was such a wonderful and heartwarming surprise, delivered by Brian, one of the Tower guys on Thursday.  The strawberries were enormous!


It also included chocolate covered bananas (my fav!) and apples (so yummy!)


I’m still so touched over the gift.  🙂

For the last week, I’ve just been chilling.  Mike has been with me every day.  When we were at Giant Tiger, we picked up a few puzzles to do.  We finished the 500 piece one in a few hours:

Now we’re working on a 1000 piece one.

We’ve been watching quite a few movies.  One was so bad, I had to ask him to stop it about 20 minutes in.  So far, the rest have been good including Daddy’s Home and Slender.  During the last movie, lardy Pinky attempted to get her flubby butt up on the cable box.  Check out the flub dangling down:


Mike said she was licking as a way to lubricate herself in order to fit.  Poor Pinky!

The other animals have all been very supportive with my recovery, including smiley Peanut:


Zim and Mya:


And CEO Abby:


And last but not least, Boo:


Not sure what I would do without them.

Symptoms for Today: Felt a bit more weak and tired than the previous few days, probably because of our little outing yesterday.  Still glad I went though.  I’m just going to spend tomorrow on the couch, watching TV and movies.  Good times.

2 thoughts on “Recovery Going Well!

  1. Hey Elizabeth…! wised I had known you were coming down our way.. For one. you could have saved the motel costs and stayed with Lisa and I.. curious why you didn’t fly down..?? Anywho… hope you had a great time there.. me..? I couldn’t go as I’m pretty much a home body since my rotator cuff surgery last Wednesday… just a bit of pain.. not bad.. but the morphine makes i bad for me to be out and about..
    I hope you and Mike can fly down some time …

    Later my winged friend..


    1. Hey Tim,
      Sorry to hear about your injury – how are you now? Hopefully they put on another show in a year or two and maybe we can meet up, if not before then! I wish we could have flown in but no civie aircraft! Bummer.

      Chat with you soon!

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