I Survived!

I Survived!

I survived my joyous surgery on Monday morning.  I had it done at the Welland Hospital at 8:00am.  Mike drove me there for 5:45 and we met up with my little mother.  The nurses were so nice the entire time we were there.  I got hooked up with some calming meds and an IV around 7:00.  Despite being a bit nervous, I was still a goof:


Just before 8:00, I was wheeled out to the surgical ward.  After meeting a couple of the residents and other doctors for the surgery, I hopped off the gurney and was escorted over to the operating room.  I passed about six doctors and nurses in the hall so I did the queen wave to all of them and thanked them all for being there.  I then walked into the room and there were even more people in there.  “My fans!  I love you all!” I said as I continued with the queen wave and blew a few kisses.  They were all laughing and said that was quite the entrance.  I was nervous but being silly helped to keep me nice and calm and it was good to hear people laugh before going nighty-night.

I was wheeled out of recovery back to the room where I was originally.  I remember seeing Mike in the hall, so I said in a rather squeaky voice “Hey Michael!” then I fist-bumped him.  He said the nurses thought it was kinda amusing.  I can’t be normal, even before and after surgery.

Everything went really well and I could have probably left around 1:00.  However, I had a a rather fast heartbeat so they kept me until almost 5:00.  I felt so bad for Mike and Jan having to wait around the hospital so long.  Even making glove balloons wasn’t enough to keep us entertained for hours.  (We put a party hat on it when we got home):


It was such a relief to get home.  Had to stop off at the drug store to pick up my meds.  Then I spent the rest of the evening and night in bed.  In case you’re wondering what I had done, let’s just say that the world won’t have to worry about any little Lizzy Jr’s running around.  I’ve been having issues for years and tried everything out there, including ablation surgery, so this was the last resort.  I had to do something with my leftover products, so I made this lovely bouquet for my friend:


Her reaction to it was priceless.  Tee hee!  Then she called me some choice names because I would never need one again.

My recovery is supposed to be about six weeks.  I’m trying to rest as much as possible.  I’m glad we have a four day weekend coming up so I have less work to miss.

Today’s symptoms: Obviously very sore and feeling pretty blah.  My big bloated, bulbous stomach is starting to get a little annoying but I know it will deflate eventually.  Looking forward to going to bed tonight.

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