Surgery Tomorrow – Yea! :-(

Surgery Tomorrow – Yea! :-(

Tomorrow is the big day!  I have to be at the hospital for 6:00am.  Yuck!  Surgery at 8:00.  Since I won’t be flying for a few weeks, I took advantage of the good weather on Thursday and went for a nice little aerobatic and scenic flight.  First, I dropped off some fudge I made at the tower:


There weren’t a slew of planes out, I think because it was rather windy:


Vyctor was looking all dapper with his wheel pants back on.  I always have them taken off in the winter in case there is snow on the runway – it may build up inside and interfere with the brakes:

Unfortunately, because my MS med lowers my immune system, I’ve had to quarantine myself for the last few days.  I ended up missing Mike’s niece’s one year birthday party on Saturday.  I just couldn’t risk getting sick before the surgery.  They were kind enough to send Mike home with a couple of yummola cuppy-cakes and a grab bag.  They also got an awesome suit tie for my kitties!  Check these out:





Aren’t they great?  Tee hee!

Today’s symptoms: Haven’t slept too well lately.  Not sure if I’m nervous about the surgery or just going through a spell of insomnia. Feeling pretty drained.  Really looking forward to getting tomorrow over with!

2 thoughts on “Surgery Tomorrow – Yea! :-(

  1. I read all your blogs my dear friend, and I prayed for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. When you are feeling better I’d like to give you a call to chat..
    Hugs and sweet dreams my winged friend..!
    Tim… 🙂

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