Upcoming Surgery

I think Spring is in the air!  Weather has been so nice lately.  Mike and I were able to head out to Tillsonburg for breakfast last weekend.  As usual, the restaurant at the airport was packed.  We even had a hard time finding a parking spot for Vyctor and had to wait for someone else to leave.  Then we covered him up and headed in to find the last table.


The meal was great, as always, plus we met up with some folks we knew from Welland.  Good times.  Most of the other planes were gone by the time we left.  Vyc looked so tiny next to the Harvards:


On Friday, we went over to MJ’s Munchies in St. Catharines for their fund raising event for the Rankin Cancer Run.  We had never been there before.


It was quite good and to top it off, all of the proceeds from their fries that day went to the Rankin fundraiser.  Mike just couldn’t help himself and ended up getting a deep fried Twinkie.


It wasn’t bad!  I certainly couldn’t eat too much of it, but it was kinda good.

We took advantage of the good weather this weekend too and went for an aerobatic flight yesterday.  Unfortunately, I had very full fuel tanks so pulling the plane around the maneuvers was very tiring.  Still, got the rust off of a few things and we both really enjoyed the flight.

My instruments enjoyed the ride, as you can see by my totally side-ways horizon indicator:


You can tell by Mike’s face that he wasn’t too thrilled to be back on the ground:


I woke up this morning to Boo chewing on her toes….such a lovely sound:


Meanwhile, Abby was just chilling:


Mya was being her usual precious self:


And Pinky was just big and blobby:


Just to put it out there, I’m having major surgery next week.  I’ll be heading to Welland Hospital and can’t wait until it’s over with.  Apparently it’s a six week recovery period, but paws crossed it’s less.  I’ll have to report how it goes….especially since I’ll have all the time in the world to blog and will need to do something to keep from going stir crazy!  At least I’ll have lots of company between the Mike and Jan visits.  Like Abby and her brothers….like this:


Or Mya, who likes sitting over her food dish, begging desperately for a second breakfast:


Today’s symptoms: I’m so happy with how I did energy-wise.  I went through about five nights of yucky insomnia but the last couple of nights have been getting better.  Life is good!

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