Gangster Crickets

Gangster Crickets

Had a bit of a potential situation the other night.  The crickets I’ve been breeding are finally at a good nomming size for the geckos.


I put a little pile of them in Zim’s tank.  About an hour later, I went by to see how everything was going when I noticed something a tad disturbing.  All of the crickets were in a little pow wow, talking smack about Zim and clearly planning something.


You can kinda see Zim at the top of the pic in his cave.  Well, soon after I saw this gathering, two of them went over to his cave, positioned as look-outs.  I was really nervous for Zim at this point, as it was obvious they were planning an attack.  I was extremely caught off guard when I zoomed in at one of the crickets and saw this terrifying sight:


Dude appears to be from the Bloods gang (with his red do rag) and packing heat.  I was so afraid Zim was going to get capped.  I yelled “Police!  Everyone get down!” and they all scattered.  I think this did the trick as all do rags have been shed and I was able to retrieve seven fire arms (pistols, a sawed-off shot gun and an uzi).  Everything seems to be good since then.  Crisis averted!

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty good.  Fatigue level was a bit less than normal and despite some spasms in my legs in the morning, there were no major aches or pains.  Good day!

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