Month: March 2016

Recovery Going Well!

It’ll be a week tomorrow since having my surgery and recovery is going well!  I finally took a little trip out of the apartment yesterday as Mike and I walked two blocks over to the Giant Tiger.  It was great to get out but the trip totally wiped me out.  I was able to get a smidge of energy back after nomming on part of the amazing gift the folks from the St. Catharines Airport Tower gave me – an incredible chocolate covered fruit tray:


It was such a wonderful and heartwarming surprise, delivered by Brian, one of the Tower guys on Thursday.  The strawberries were enormous!


It also included chocolate covered bananas (my fav!) and apples (so yummy!)


I’m still so touched over the gift.  🙂

For the last week, I’ve just been chilling.  Mike has been with me every day.  When we were at Giant Tiger, we picked up a few puzzles to do.  We finished the 500 piece one in a few hours:

Now we’re working on a 1000 piece one.

We’ve been watching quite a few movies.  One was so bad, I had to ask him to stop it about 20 minutes in.  So far, the rest have been good including Daddy’s Home and Slender.  During the last movie, lardy Pinky attempted to get her flubby butt up on the cable box.  Check out the flub dangling down:


Mike said she was licking as a way to lubricate herself in order to fit.  Poor Pinky!

The other animals have all been very supportive with my recovery, including smiley Peanut:


Zim and Mya:


And CEO Abby:


And last but not least, Boo:


Not sure what I would do without them.

Symptoms for Today: Felt a bit more weak and tired than the previous few days, probably because of our little outing yesterday.  Still glad I went though.  I’m just going to spend tomorrow on the couch, watching TV and movies.  Good times.

I Survived!

I survived my joyous surgery on Monday morning.  I had it done at the Welland Hospital at 8:00am.  Mike drove me there for 5:45 and we met up with my little mother.  The nurses were so nice the entire time we were there.  I got hooked up with some calming meds and an IV around 7:00.  Despite being a bit nervous, I was still a goof:


Just before 8:00, I was wheeled out to the surgical ward.  After meeting a couple of the residents and other doctors for the surgery, I hopped off the gurney and was escorted over to the operating room.  I passed about six doctors and nurses in the hall so I did the queen wave to all of them and thanked them all for being there.  I then walked into the room and there were even more people in there.  “My fans!  I love you all!” I said as I continued with the queen wave and blew a few kisses.  They were all laughing and said that was quite the entrance.  I was nervous but being silly helped to keep me nice and calm and it was good to hear people laugh before going nighty-night.

I was wheeled out of recovery back to the room where I was originally.  I remember seeing Mike in the hall, so I said in a rather squeaky voice “Hey Michael!” then I fist-bumped him.  He said the nurses thought it was kinda amusing.  I can’t be normal, even before and after surgery.

Everything went really well and I could have probably left around 1:00.  However, I had a a rather fast heartbeat so they kept me until almost 5:00.  I felt so bad for Mike and Jan having to wait around the hospital so long.  Even making glove balloons wasn’t enough to keep us entertained for hours.  (We put a party hat on it when we got home):


It was such a relief to get home.  Had to stop off at the drug store to pick up my meds.  Then I spent the rest of the evening and night in bed.  In case you’re wondering what I had done, let’s just say that the world won’t have to worry about any little Lizzy Jr’s running around.  I’ve been having issues for years and tried everything out there, including ablation surgery, so this was the last resort.  I had to do something with my leftover products, so I made this lovely bouquet for my friend:


Her reaction to it was priceless.  Tee hee!  Then she called me some choice names because I would never need one again.

My recovery is supposed to be about six weeks.  I’m trying to rest as much as possible.  I’m glad we have a four day weekend coming up so I have less work to miss.

Today’s symptoms: Obviously very sore and feeling pretty blah.  My big bloated, bulbous stomach is starting to get a little annoying but I know it will deflate eventually.  Looking forward to going to bed tonight.

Surgery Tomorrow – Yea! :-(

Tomorrow is the big day!  I have to be at the hospital for 6:00am.  Yuck!  Surgery at 8:00.  Since I won’t be flying for a few weeks, I took advantage of the good weather on Thursday and went for a nice little aerobatic and scenic flight.  First, I dropped off some fudge I made at the tower:


There weren’t a slew of planes out, I think because it was rather windy:


Vyctor was looking all dapper with his wheel pants back on.  I always have them taken off in the winter in case there is snow on the runway – it may build up inside and interfere with the brakes:

Unfortunately, because my MS med lowers my immune system, I’ve had to quarantine myself for the last few days.  I ended up missing Mike’s niece’s one year birthday party on Saturday.  I just couldn’t risk getting sick before the surgery.  They were kind enough to send Mike home with a couple of yummola cuppy-cakes and a grab bag.  They also got an awesome suit tie for my kitties!  Check these out:





Aren’t they great?  Tee hee!

Today’s symptoms: Haven’t slept too well lately.  Not sure if I’m nervous about the surgery or just going through a spell of insomnia. Feeling pretty drained.  Really looking forward to getting tomorrow over with!

Upcoming Surgery

I think Spring is in the air!  Weather has been so nice lately.  Mike and I were able to head out to Tillsonburg for breakfast last weekend.  As usual, the restaurant at the airport was packed.  We even had a hard time finding a parking spot for Vyctor and had to wait for someone else to leave.  Then we covered him up and headed in to find the last table.


The meal was great, as always, plus we met up with some folks we knew from Welland.  Good times.  Most of the other planes were gone by the time we left.  Vyc looked so tiny next to the Harvards:


On Friday, we went over to MJ’s Munchies in St. Catharines for their fund raising event for the Rankin Cancer Run.  We had never been there before.


It was quite good and to top it off, all of the proceeds from their fries that day went to the Rankin fundraiser.  Mike just couldn’t help himself and ended up getting a deep fried Twinkie.


It wasn’t bad!  I certainly couldn’t eat too much of it, but it was kinda good.

We took advantage of the good weather this weekend too and went for an aerobatic flight yesterday.  Unfortunately, I had very full fuel tanks so pulling the plane around the maneuvers was very tiring.  Still, got the rust off of a few things and we both really enjoyed the flight.

My instruments enjoyed the ride, as you can see by my totally side-ways horizon indicator:


You can tell by Mike’s face that he wasn’t too thrilled to be back on the ground:


I woke up this morning to Boo chewing on her toes….such a lovely sound:


Meanwhile, Abby was just chilling:


Mya was being her usual precious self:


And Pinky was just big and blobby:


Just to put it out there, I’m having major surgery next week.  I’ll be heading to Welland Hospital and can’t wait until it’s over with.  Apparently it’s a six week recovery period, but paws crossed it’s less.  I’ll have to report how it goes….especially since I’ll have all the time in the world to blog and will need to do something to keep from going stir crazy!  At least I’ll have lots of company between the Mike and Jan visits.  Like Abby and her brothers….like this:


Or Mya, who likes sitting over her food dish, begging desperately for a second breakfast:


Today’s symptoms: I’m so happy with how I did energy-wise.  I went through about five nights of yucky insomnia but the last couple of nights have been getting better.  Life is good!

Gangster Crickets

Had a bit of a potential situation the other night.  The crickets I’ve been breeding are finally at a good nomming size for the geckos.


I put a little pile of them in Zim’s tank.  About an hour later, I went by to see how everything was going when I noticed something a tad disturbing.  All of the crickets were in a little pow wow, talking smack about Zim and clearly planning something.


You can kinda see Zim at the top of the pic in his cave.  Well, soon after I saw this gathering, two of them went over to his cave, positioned as look-outs.  I was really nervous for Zim at this point, as it was obvious they were planning an attack.  I was extremely caught off guard when I zoomed in at one of the crickets and saw this terrifying sight:


Dude appears to be from the Bloods gang (with his red do rag) and packing heat.  I was so afraid Zim was going to get capped.  I yelled “Police!  Everyone get down!” and they all scattered.  I think this did the trick as all do rags have been shed and I was able to retrieve seven fire arms (pistols, a sawed-off shot gun and an uzi).  Everything seems to be good since then.  Crisis averted!

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty good.  Fatigue level was a bit less than normal and despite some spasms in my legs in the morning, there were no major aches or pains.  Good day!