Month: February 2016

Brampton Breakfast

Despite the insane winds today, Mike and I decided to be rebels and fly out to Brampton for breakfast.  We didn’t hear another plane until we got to Burlington.  I guess most people don’t like flying in around 50km/hr winds.



Mike decided to order the Lancaster Bomber breakfast.  It seemed like a lot of food – eggs, home fries, pancakes, toast and bacon, ham or sausage.  We were a tad shocked when it all arrived and it was actually bacon, ham AND sausage.  Good grief!


I can’t believe he managed to get it all down, except for the toast.  Unfortunately, he weighed so much after that I couldn’t fly him back with me.  He would have exceeded the weight and balance of my plane.  Tee hee.

Look how cute little Vyctor looked, all cold and blowy:


We passed this rather amusing sight while taxiing back to the runway:


While heading back to St. Catharines, we took a little detour and flew over the winery where my friend Laura, my mother and I visited for an awesome wine tasting experience.  It’s Kings Court Estate Winery in St. Catharines.  I told the owner that I would snap some pics of his property next time I flew over.  The big green roof really helped with locating it from the air:


The landing back at St. Catharines was a little hairy due to the insane wind, but it turned out well.  No other planes at all when we were coming back, as the winds had picked up even more over the couple hours we were gone.

As always, I show pics of my wonderful family in these joyous blogs.  Here’s one of Pinky, with fur.  When the weather gets colder, she will literally start growing fur overnight:


Cats with fur – freaks.

Speaking of freaks, little skinny Mya crawled under the couch for some reason:


Then we have Zim having a bit of a drink:


The little dickens actually got out of his aquarium the other day. There is a small hole at the top of his tank for air.  I still don’t see how he could have jumped from the upper platform to the hole, but he did it!  I walked into the bathroom that morning and found Pinky and Boo staring at the corner, and there was Zim!  I’ve since put screen over his tank lid.  Geesh.  Good thing his sisters protected him.

Since Abby is Mike’s favourite, I tried to get a nice pic of her this morning to send to him.  This is the result:


So there are a few of my weirdos for you to enjoy.  You’re welcome.

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty good today.  Much better than I was feeling yesterday, where I was more fatigued than normal with lots of yucky aches and pains. 

Orange is the New Orange

The weather finally cooperated enough that Mike and I could fly to Guelph for breakfast last weekend.  This was our third attempt – the first two we had to turn back due to weather.  It was a very windy day when we flew in, so it was quite bumpy.  My mother would have had a fit if she flew with me in weather like that.  Wuss!  Anyway, we were the only ones who flew in yet the restaurant was packed and we had to wait for a seat.  Typical, since their food is amazing!


We watched little Vyctor bouncing around in the cold, all snuggly with a sleeping bag keeping his engine warm:


Since it was a south-west wind, we were flying on quite an angle both ways just to keep going in the right direction.  Fun!

Mike snapped this pic of my amazing new 17-bladed propeller as we approached the Burlington Skyway:


The weather was great today so I made it out for another flight.  I haven’t done aerobatics in a couple of months so decided to do a bit of a rust remover flight.  Man, that first loop made my head go a little wobbly for a couple seconds after.  I then did my normal rolls, snap rolls, hammer head, cuban 8 then a bunch of combos.  After that, I just did a brief tour around the drained Welland Canal.  Looks pretty neat from the air:



Then saw this, which I’ve never noticed before (despite countless flights around there):


I don’t think they have to worry about any swimmers for a few months.  I guess those white marks on the posts are the water lines.

Short but nice flight today:


Back home, I had a nice little visit with nice little Jan.  Then I spent the rest of the day preparing for our Recreational Aircraft Association meeting tomorrow night.  I also chilled with some of the critters:


I think I’ve mentioned in previous blogs how my angel Mya kinda likes to sit (out of love, of course) on her sisters.  Well, this morning on the heater behind my bed was no different….and she stayed there despite Pinky’s growls:


You can see the love in Mya’s eyes!  Poor Pinky usually has something on her.  I was walking by the bathroom the other day and threw my hair scrunchie onto the counter, not knowing she was there:


You can see the love in her eyes, too!

Today’s symptoms: Have been quite down the last few days so the fatigue has been a bit worse than “normal.”  This has caused more headaches and aches and pains too, but I plan on feeling just marvy tomorrow!