Back In The Air

Back In The Air

Good news – finally flew again for the first time in a month and a half!  Mike and I were hoping to head somewhere for breakfast on Sunday, but the weather was only good enough for a fairly short local flight.  Still, it was great to fly again (I was starting to go through withdrawal!)


Donkay was quite excited to go up as well:


The visibility was dropping from the time we took off, so we had to stay close to the St. Catharines airspace.  The ice formations along the Lake Ontario shoreline were pretty neat to see:


After flying around for about 20 minutes, we decided to head back and land.  Since the in-flight meal was cancelled, we headed out to an eatery on the ground.  It was our first time to the Good Eats Diner, just around the corner from the airport.  Mike always has a hard time deciding whether to get pancakes or eggs, but they had an item on the menu that had both.  Dang, that’s a lot of food, dude!


Very yummy – I would recommend this place.

We just watched some movies once back home.  I also checked on my crickets.  The breeding is going well.  With the last batch, I think it may have gone a little too well.  I  have over 150 babies from it.  Here’s a small sample:


My geckos are going to get very fat over the next couple of months.  Oink.

Today’s symptoms: I developed a lovely cold over the last couple of days.  I’m not too impressed since my New Year’s resolution was to not get sick this year.  Since New Year’s Day, I’ve had a bad stomach bug, a cold, sinus infection, bladder infection, this cold and tomorrow I’m seeing my doctor to be tested for H. Pylori (it’s a bacteria in the stomach).  Geesh.


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