Googly Pinky

Googly Pinky

I’m still having a lot of fun with those googly stick-on eyes I bought at the dollar store the other day.  The other cats will follow in a future blog, but we’ll start out today with Pinky:


I would do it to little Mya, but she’s still recovering from her cold.  Look at the sleeping angel:


I’m going to keep this blog quite short (like my mother).  Mike and I went to see the Greg Frewin magic show in the Falls last night.  It was fantastic!  I totally recommend people see the show.  Mike and I had seats right next to the stage, which was awesome.  Seeing a tiger that up-close was pretty darn nifty.  And Chuck the Duck was adorable!  We had a buffet meal before the show – yummy!     Again, I strongly suggest folks check out this fantastic performance.

Today’s symptoms:  Actually felt pretty decent today, except for a fairly bad sinus headache.  It feels like my teeth are going to blow out of my mouth!  The great thing about this weekend is that my fatigue level was a bit lower than what it “normally” is.  There is nothing I can ask more with this dumb illness than to have less fatigue….well, that and to not have a relapse!

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