Month: January 2016

Back In The Air

Good news – finally flew again for the first time in a month and a half!  Mike and I were hoping to head somewhere for breakfast on Sunday, but the weather was only good enough for a fairly short local flight.  Still, it was great to fly again (I was starting to go through withdrawal!)


Donkay was quite excited to go up as well:


The visibility was dropping from the time we took off, so we had to stay close to the St. Catharines airspace.  The ice formations along the Lake Ontario shoreline were pretty neat to see:


After flying around for about 20 minutes, we decided to head back and land.  Since the in-flight meal was cancelled, we headed out to an eatery on the ground.  It was our first time to the Good Eats Diner, just around the corner from the airport.  Mike always has a hard time deciding whether to get pancakes or eggs, but they had an item on the menu that had both.  Dang, that’s a lot of food, dude!


Very yummy – I would recommend this place.

We just watched some movies once back home.  I also checked on my crickets.  The breeding is going well.  With the last batch, I think it may have gone a little too well.  I  have over 150 babies from it.  Here’s a small sample:


My geckos are going to get very fat over the next couple of months.  Oink.

Today’s symptoms: I developed a lovely cold over the last couple of days.  I’m not too impressed since my New Year’s resolution was to not get sick this year.  Since New Year’s Day, I’ve had a bad stomach bug, a cold, sinus infection, bladder infection, this cold and tomorrow I’m seeing my doctor to be tested for H. Pylori (it’s a bacteria in the stomach).  Geesh.


The Googliness Continues

Still not done with them googly eyes!  Mike decided to try them out yesterday:


Tee hee!  Abby tried them too but since she’s naturally so googly, she looks the same:


Stay tuned for Mya and Boo.  So far they’ve been too squirrely.

I have been breeding crickets for a few months now.  With two geckos, I’ve been having to make weekly trips to the pet store to buy more.  So far, it’s going quite well!  I decided to pick up a 10 gallon aquarium the other night (only $15 at Petsmart) to give the breeding crickets more room.  I have the incubating habitats up on the table (with the small bin on top with a handful of young crickets from a couple batches ago) and the aquarium fits very nicely below:


The nice thing about the tank being down low is that it provides entertainment for the kitties.  Mya really loves watching them scurry about:


Saw an interesting site last night – I thought it was a ghost cricket:


Apparently crickets shed their exoskeleton and are white until the new one grows.  There’s your fun fact for the day!  You’re welcome.

Due to the recent snow, I put a mat next to the door for soggy boots.  It stayed in place for about 13 seconds.  Both Boo and Pinky seem to get great satisfaction from running full speed into the hall, jumping on the mat and sliding across the floor into the closet door.  Dorks.


I swear, I can’t have anything nice there.  Not even a stinkin’ boot mat.  Oh well, they’re worth it…..spose….

Today’s symptoms:  Dealing with yet another bladder infection and as usual, it’s done a number on my fatigue level.  Been quite weak over the last few days.  I don’t normally get a stomach ache with these infections, but I have a pretty bad one this time.  It’s starting to get annoying.  Grrrr….

Googly Pinky

I’m still having a lot of fun with those googly stick-on eyes I bought at the dollar store the other day.  The other cats will follow in a future blog, but we’ll start out today with Pinky:


I would do it to little Mya, but she’s still recovering from her cold.  Look at the sleeping angel:


I’m going to keep this blog quite short (like my mother).  Mike and I went to see the Greg Frewin magic show in the Falls last night.  It was fantastic!  I totally recommend people see the show.  Mike and I had seats right next to the stage, which was awesome.  Seeing a tiger that up-close was pretty darn nifty.  And Chuck the Duck was adorable!  We had a buffet meal before the show – yummy!     Again, I strongly suggest folks check out this fantastic performance.

Today’s symptoms:  Actually felt pretty decent today, except for a fairly bad sinus headache.  It feels like my teeth are going to blow out of my mouth!  The great thing about this weekend is that my fatigue level was a bit lower than what it “normally” is.  There is nothing I can ask more with this dumb illness than to have less fatigue….well, that and to not have a relapse!

Yummy Casserole

I mentioned in my last blog post that I used to always make a yummola tuna casserole for my mother and I when I was in university.  I made it again the other week.  Here is the super easy recipe:

1 can cream of celery soup

1/2 cup mayo (I used the low fat stuff)

1/4 cup of milk

big glob of relish

few squirts of honey mustard

one can tuna drained

egg noodles (I used No Yokes), the amount of dry noodles I cooked was 6-7 ounces

1/2 cup shredded cheese (a pizza or Italian blend)

Directions: Mix cream of celery soup, mayo, relish, mustard, and milk in large bowl (or a small one if you like to make a mess).  Fold in tuna, cooked egg noodles and about half of the cheese.  Salt and pepper to thou’s liking.  Place in casserole dish.  Cook uncovered at 375 for about 40-45 minutes.  About 15 minutes before it’s done, add the rest of the shredded cheese.



I’m so glad it’s Friday.  I had enough of that weekday silliness.

Poor little Mya has a cold.  Little sneezer kept me up most of the night.  None of the others seem to have caught it yet:


Boo comforted Pinky about potentially getting Mya’s cold.  She said that they were in this together and would help each other out, if necessary:


Abby didn’t really care.  She said she’s always feeling yucky anyway (kinda like me):


I visited Jan yesterday and went with her to the joyous dentist.  Then we did some shopping and headed back to her place.  She asked if I wanted some chocolate, and after deliberating for less than a second, I said yes.  She knelt down to get the chocolate bar out of her cupboard then fell over.  I felt so bad that she was kinda laying there on the floor, so I joined her.  We had a good laugh then ate some yummola chocolate:


The other day, I bought a package of googly eyes from the dollar store:


So far they’re pretty entertaining.  Here’s the emergency light outside of my apartment:


Mike’s door:


Then Mike put them on his coffee creamer:


Hours of fun!

Today’s symptoms: Felt really weak and blah today.  I’m sure not sleeping much last night didn’t help.  I’m going to feel better tomorrow.  Mike and I are going to see the magician Greg Frewin.  Sweet!

I’m Back! Sweet!!!

Ok, I apologize for the lack of bloggage.  What can I say – after seven years as of April of doing blogs, I needed a bit of a break.  But I’m back.  I think.  Well, at least for now.

What’s happened thus far. Lots to do with the cats.  Man, I love my freaks.  Look at these adorable angels.







And Boo:


And of course, don’t forget the geckos.  I usually show pics of the infamous Peanut, but here’s Zim (just prior to Pinky eating him):


Christmas was awesome.  Jan came over to my place for a few days.  She’s so cute.  We had an amazing time.  I’d show pictures but I guess I didn’t take any.  My bad.  I’ll make up for it with these.  You’re welcome:

Oh wait, my bestie, Vyctor:


He looks like he’s on an angle.  Well, he was “happy and having fun” on Christmas Eve.  Without me – in the hangar with his plane friends.

Mike’s parent’s got me the coolest thing as one of my Christmas pressies.  Check out this totally cool gecko statue (which Peanut checked out by hopping on its head:


Love it!

So, my Christmas was so perfect!  I wish I could have said the same for New Year’s.  Unfortunately, I got a really bad bug and was super sick starting around 6:00pm.  Mike and I regularly checked hospital wait times, as I became so horribly dehydrated throughout the night that all of my muscles went into very painful spasms then I started hallucinating.  I was so determined not to sit in a waiting room for countless hours, when I could hurl in the comfort of my home, so I refused to go.  It got really scary though….After over 12 hours over being continuously sick, it finally settled.  I think my kidneys started to shut down as I didn’t tinkle for two days and when I did, it wasn’t pretty.  Let’s leave it at that.  Yes, I should have gone to the hospital but I’m as stubborn as they come.  Sorry Mike and Jan.  I love you guys.  Tee Hee.  On a bright note, I decided that once I was able to eat again (it took over five days to actually ingest anything substantial) that we “should” have nachos for dinner.  Over a week later, my dream became a reality:


I’m a little embarrassed to say it but we finished the whole bag of chips and jar of cheese that night.  I gained about 78 lbs but it was totally worth it!

On the subject of food, I wanted to show Mike that I could be all domesticated and stuff (barf) so I made him this lovely tuna casserole tonight:


I always made it for my mother when she came to visit me in Windsor (while attending university for my Criminology and Psychology degree).  It’s so yummy and simple.  Stay tuned, I’ll send the recipe soon.  Seriously folks, it’s yummola.  And easy.  And yummola.

One more thing on “food” before I sign off.  I was looking something up the other day (location of where I was going that day) and saw something kinda funny.  You know how Google Earth blurs out all faces they catch on camera?  Well, there’s clearly no discrimination when it comes to what types of faces:


Tee hee!  Poor Colonel Sanders.

So life is good.  Mind you, it would be a tad better if the weather was decent this weekend and I could go for a flight.  Whateves.

Today’s symptoms:  Felt pretty decent for the first time in over a week.  Still fairly weak from that stupid bug though.  I’ll be better tomorrow…I’ll be dancing the jig like I have all the energy in the world.