Month: December 2015

Annual Rochester Trip

Mike and I celebrated our three year anniversary a couple weeks ago.  We went to the Keg for noms.  I was a little hungry and decided to pig out.  I managed to eat an amazing 12oz steak:


We were a tad full after dinner and decided to pass on dessert.  However, our waiter asked us if we were there for a special occasion.  I said it was our anniversary and he came back to our table with this beauty:


That is one honkin’ piece of ice cream-based pie!  We both decided to make the ultimate sacrifice and finish it off.  Needless to say, we left with mighty full bellies.  *burp*

It appears the kitties were a little jealous about our big meals when we got home.  I had to refill their food dishes and it looks like Pinky and Boo couldn’t wait:


Dorks.  My one gecko, Zim, has also been eating quite a bit lately.  Check out how fat his tail is:


I had to say “see you soon” to all of my animals recently.  Jan and I had our annual trip to Rochester for shopping and overall silliness.  It was a nice and uneventful drive there.  However, we noticed after one of our first stops that there was something hanging from the bottom of my car.  Of course, it had to be raining at the time.  I crawled under to see my heat shield just a’dangling.  Fortunately, I was able to secure it with a little force and one of the plastic strappy-things Jan brought to lock her suitcase with.


As usual, we had an amazing trip.  We hit the one main mall (Marketplace) on the first day, then drove out to Eastview the next.  It’s too bad the Canadian dollar is down so much right now, but we decided not to deter from buying things we saw and liked.  We came out of there with quite a nice little stash of clothes and other things.  I only shop for clothes twice a year, and almost entirely at my favourite store, Buckle, which is only in the States.   Probably a good thing since I never walk out of there empty handed and it’s a little pricey.  Great quality, unique items though.

On the third day in Rochester, we had a nice breakfast at the hotel then hit the nearby Walmart.  We used the GPS to head home, but I really should have turned off “avoid toll roads” before departing.  I didn’t notice the time of the trip to get home (usually less than two hours).  About ten minutes into the drive, we both realized things weren’t looking right.  I pulled into a parking lot and looked more carefully at the GPS.  It was taking us completely around Lake Ontario, to miss the toll roads!  It would have been over a twelve hour drive.  Ugh!  So, we head back the other way and made it home in good time.  What a perfect trip!

It was great to see my little goobers when I got home.  All looking cute as usual.  Boo is always doing something silly:


Peanut is always happy and googly:


Mya, either sitting on or leaning against one of her sisters.  At least this time she was just warming her paws on Pinky, rather than sitting on her completely:


Pinky looks quite annoyed.  Mind you, three of the kitties had baths and Pinky was super annoyed during the drying process:


And Abby looking cute and innocent:


Had a little incident on the first night back.  I have a pill tray for my big pile of vitamins I take every morning and night.  When I went to Rochester, I put my sleeping pills (which are foil wrapped) in my pill tray.  That night, I was quite tired and I had the light off in my bedroom.  I opened the pill tray, tilted my head back and dumped the pile of pills in my mouth and swallowed right away with a chug of water.  Something was seriously wrong.  The pills were stuck in my throat and really hurting.  I was actually on the speaker phone with Jan at the time.  I started choking and couldn’t speak.  I realized what I had just done – I swallowed the foil-packed sleeping pills.  I was a tad freaked out, with the thought of it going through my digestive track.  I ran to the bathroom and managed to cough it up.  Ugh:


I cut my throat as it went down, which was pretty obvious from the blood that came up too.  Yuck!  Thankfully, a good ending though!  Lesson learned!

Today’s symptoms: Feeling very weak and tired today.  I had to go home from work early and lay down for over an hour.  Hopefully the nap and rest did some good and I’m going to feel much better tomorrow!