Trip to Big Ol’ Toronto

Trip to Big Ol’ Toronto

Mike and I had a nice trip to Toronto last week.  We caught the bus in St. Catharines and arrived in Toronto less than two hours later.  Our plan was to check out the St. Lawrence Market, the Eaton Centre then the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). I was still feeling so lousy from that new symptom I was experiencing – the burning sensation going up my spine and into my neck and head.  It was quite a struggle just to walk around the market, as I had very little energy and was experiencing quite a bit of pain.  By the time we walked over to the Eaton Centre, I was really out of it and feeling quite a bit worse.  Blah.  It was still nice to see.  Sure were a lot of peeps wandering around, especially in the Apple storeIMG_4634

Good grief!  I felt like I was already ruining the trip a bit, with how I was feeling, but I had enough in me to go out for dinner that night.  Mike was really looking forward to the Burger place we picked out, W Burger Bar.  He ordered the Kobe burger.  Wow, it was delicious!


The next day, I wasn’t feeling any better and knew there was no way I would be able to walk around the ROM.  So, we hit a few stores nearby, bought some Christmas pressies, then caught the bus home.  We were glad we weren’t heading into Toronto.  Big accident and it caused a major traffic jam, closing all lanes:


Ugh.  The sun came out soon after we passed the accident.  We were sitting in the front seat and it was just a’blazing in our eyes.  I decided to make this spiffy little visor out of one of the garbage bags:

No shame!

It was a great trip.  I just wish I was feeling better so we could have done everything we planned.

On a bright note, my symptoms started improving.  I was feeling well enough on Sunday to go for a flight.  Mike and I headed out to Tillsonburg for breakfast.


I recognized a couple planes when we landed, and sure enough, there were some fellow pilot folks I knew in the restaurant.  Luckily, there were two seats left for us.  We had great noms, as usual from there.  Good times.

You know, my kitties are lucky they’re so cute.  The other night, I stepped in a half digested cricket.  I figured it was Abby, going after one of the little escapees.  However, at 3:00 am, Mya who was sleeping next to me, stood up and hurled all over my neck and chest.  Gross!!!!  After I cleaned up the mess, I crawled back into bed and put my arm in another pile she did.  Geesh!!!  Mind you, when you see innocent faces like this, how can one get mad:


I had just gone in the kitchen to wash dishes and I guess three of the four kittahs thought it was treat time.

Another cutie is Peanut.  Check out how adorable he is:


I’ll have to post pics of Pinky and gecko Zim in my next blog so they don’t feel left out.

Had a good day today.  Jan and I drove to Hamilton for my twice a year neurologist appointment.  Looks like my last MRI was good!  Yea!  Did some shopping when we got back to St. Catharines.  My good day continued into the evening when I sold some exercise equipment on Kijiji.  The nicest people (mother and son) came by to check out and purchase my Cross Bow (like a Bowflex).  I know it’s definitely  going to a good home.  I felt the need to sell it due to space limits.  That room was getting a tad full with my exercise bike and stair climber….and the two geckos and now the table full of cricket containers (trying to breed them).

Today’s symptoms:  That new symptom is continuing to get better each day.  Actually had a fair bit of energy today, which was so nice!  I’ve decided I’m going to feel really great on Saturday (it’s my birthday!) 

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