Another Calendar Cat!!!

Another Calendar Cat!!!

In my last blog, I mentioned how Boo and Pinky made it into the desktop 365 Days of Cats calendar.  On Monday, I got another package delivered to my apartment.  I was shocked to find two more calendars:


Lookie here – little Mya, my oldest girl, made it into the calendars!  Here’s the monthly wall-hanging calendar:


…and the daily desk calendar:


So that makes one of my geckos and three of my cats in 2016 calendars!  Yes, we do “sell” autographs.

As usual for Halloween, I briefly tortured the kitties with some costumes:


Can you tell how enthused they are?  Doesn’t Pinky look thrilled to be a bee?  She sat like that the whole time – little pink head lowered in shame.

From cats to crickets – since I have two geckos, I have to buy a lot of crickets for them.  I decided to try and breed the tiny dudes.  I did some research online and I think I have everything set up properly,…so now we wait.  It sounds like the great outdoors in here with all the chirping:

IMG_4603 - Copy

It should be a few more days before I know if things were successful.  Mike was actually a tad shocked after he walked into the room, seeing me standing next to the cricket bin with my phone, playing Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye.  Hope it got them in the mood.

On the weekend, Mike and I flew out to Welland to meet up with my mother.  We drove over to the 2×4 diner, just down the road.  Great place.  Actually had to wait for a table because they were packed.  After an awesome breakfast, we went back to the airport.  There were three Trojan aircraft there, getting ready to do a fly-over for a weekend Remembrance Day service.  Vyctor looked so tiny between them:



It was a really nice day.  It’s hard to believe how warm the weather has been so far this month.

Been having a little smidgen of a medical blip over the last few days.  There’s a burning sensation going up my spine and up through my neck into my face.  It’s a really yucky feeling.  Been much more fatigued since it started too.  I phoned the MS nurse at McMaster Hospital and she said that it sounds like a bit of an MS flare-up.  I see my neurologist next week so I’ll have a chat with him about it.

Today’s symptoms: Still experiencing the burning sensation, which has been about the same severity for the last few days.  That’s certainly better than it getting worse! 

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