My Cats Are Famous!!!

My Cats Are Famous!!!

Had a nice little surprise this morning.  The superintendent of my building said I had a package delivered.  I was a tad confused since I didn’t order anything.  I was just on my way to Hamilton to work today, but decided to open the box before leaving.  It was a calendar:


There was a letter with it that said Boo and Pinky were selected to be in the calendar!  As far as I could see, they were the only sphynxes:


Tee hee!  I love that picture!  (Actually, I photo-shopped Pinky a couple years ago to this):

Pinky Fart

So now Peanut will be in the Pet Valu 2016 calendar with this pic:


….and now Boo and Pinky are famous as well!  How exciting!

Last week Mike and I went to Mississauga for an RV show.  It was amazing to see how many vehicles were on display.  We checked out little trailers like this one (which we loved and is just like the one we borrow from his uncle to camp in):


Right up to $150,000+ house’s on wheels.  It was pretty neat!  Had a cool experience when someone walked up to me and said “Hey, you’re the one with the plane!”  He reads my blogs and like’s Vyctor’s paint job.  He is building a Cessna 150 model and may be painting it the same colour scheme.  That would be amazing!  I would love to see a mini-Vyctor!

On the way back from the show, we made a quick stop at the airport so I could drop off the log books in my plane.  Vyc was due for his annual inspection.  I dropped off the books and wished him well.  My mechanic is awesome so I knew he was in good hands:


The inspection is done now and unfortunately, I needed to buy a new starter.  Ugh!  It was about $800 and I ordered it from Aircraft Spruce, which has a store at the Brantford Airport.  I asked the customer service person on the phone if I could pay for it with kidneys instead of cash.  I said that my mother had a couple I could give her.  After a laugh, she told me that wouldn’t be possible.  Bummer.

Speaking of mothers, I visited Janski this weekend.  I was completely shocked and dismayed when I saw the beautiful window decoration I gave her for her car, was stuck to the wall in her garage!  How could she not want such lovely art upon her vehicle:



I guess I better show my other pets in this blog entry, so the “non-calendar” pets don’t feel left out.  Here’s Mya sitting on Pinky (She always sits on her sisters.  We call it Myaing):


Pinky looks thrilled.

Gecko Zim has a nice fat tail:


Little pig has been eating lots of cute crickets lately.

Mike had a staring contest with Abby while she was at the vet’s office:


Abby won.

Not too much else going on with moi. I’m hoping the weather is decent on Thursday so I can go for a flight.  It’s supposed to be quite windy, which is my kind of flying (only when I’m by myself – not with passengers!)

Today’s symptoms: Feeling pretty decent today following a few “meh” days.  Tomorrow will be better!

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