Abby The Angel

Abby The Angel

Had a really bad day today.  At 4:00am, Abby’s colon had a blow-out party on my bed.  Oh fun.  Poor little girly has had bowel inflammation issues since I adopted her almost seven years ago.  I’ve been told by vets that she probably wouldn’t last to age three, and yet the little goober is going to turn seven on Halloween.  Anyway, she has been on countless medications over the years, had tons of tests, etc.  She can’t make it to the litter box so I have been cleaning my floors daily all this time.  I actually had all of the carpeting in my apartment removed and put in vinyl so it is easier to clean.  The vets I have seen have said no one would have done this much – would have put her down years ago.  Even after crying for countless hours this morning and almost making the decision that we were at our breaking point and that this was the end.  Mike came with me to the vet today.  I completely broke down to the doctor, saying I don’t know what to do anymore and I just can’t take it.  She said that I should feel absolutely no guilt as I’ve done so much for her (as she read through pages and pages of reports).  I just couldn’t do it though.  The vet said we can try a couple more things.  I can tell that Abby isn’t suffering – if she was, it would be a somewhat easy decision.  So, I brought the little goober back home with a purse full of new meds.  Paws crossed this is the answer.  I just want her to have quality of life, no matter how long that will be for.  Besides, how am I supposed to give up on something this cute?


I swear, she likes things on her noodle:


They’re all so cute – I don’t know what I would do without the freaks:


Look at little Boo sleeping, with her chin all smooshed against her paw.  Abby in the background:


As usual whenever there is a bag in view, Pinky is in it – no matter where it is:


Then we have Boo and Mya, who were initially (when I first adopted Boo), the worst of enemies.  Now best of buds, Boo with her arm around her bestie:


I asked Mya the next morning what she thought about this sisterly love act from last night.  She was pretty proud:


Boo was impressed too – just chillin, knowing how awesome she is:


Of course, we can’t forget the geckos.  Here’s little Peanut, looking adorable as usual:


Changing topics, Mike and I went to the Niagara Central Airport (in Welland) renaming ceremony.  It is now the Dorothy Rungeling Airport.  She’s such an awesome person – is now 104 years young!  “She was the first Canadian woman to hold an airline transport license, was the first to solo a helicopter, earned numerous air race trophies and was awarded the Amelia Earhart Medal.  She’s been called Canada’s Flying Housewife.”  From Niagara, too!  So amazing to watch the ceremony then meet her:


Yes, as I said, she’s 104 and she is sharp as a tack!  I showed her a picture of my plane on my phone and let her know what an honour it was to meet her:


Ok, I am completely exhausted after this emotionally draining day.  I’m going to try and post again tomorrow, as I have a fun weekend to share.

Today’s symptoms: Well, as you can imagine, today really sucked.  I am so physically and emotionally drained.  I can’t wait to go sleep tonight.  I’ve had lots of spasms in my legs and hands over the last couple of days, but quite bad today.  It’ll be better once my stress level decreases when Abby improves!

2 thoughts on “Abby The Angel

    1. Thanks for asking! She’s quite a bit better – I’m so happy to report! She is back to the way she was prior to the bad flare-up. I wish we could cure her inflammatory bowel issues, but at least she seems much more comfortable.

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