Manitoulin Island Flight

Manitoulin Island Flight

Mike and I just went on one of the best trips ever.  Last Thursday, we hopped in Vyctor and flew to Manitoulin Island.  I thought the flight would be close to three hours but it was just a little over two.  The scenery was amazing, especially from Tobermory to Manitoulin Island.


I was a little leery flying over the water from Tobermory to Manitoulin Island, but it wasn’t too far.  Then the scenery got even better:


I used to go there quite often as a kid, but seeing it from the air was a whole new experience.  The Gore Bay Airport was on the West side of the island:


After landing, we waited for a couple minutes while a Coast Guard helicopter fueled up and took off:


We dragged Vyctor over to the tie-downs after fueling up:


I felt bad leaving him all alone in a strange place for a couple nights, but I knew Vyctor would tough it out.  Mike and I met up with the head dude at the airport, who was extremely nice and accommodating.  I had phoned him a couple weeks previously to see if we could use the airport courtesy van.  Fortunately, we didn’t have too far to drive while there.  Our cabin (Wolsey Lake Cabins in Gore Bay) was only about ten minutes from the airport.  We loaded up the van then headed into the town of Gore Bay to buy some noms for dinner.  Once we picked up everything we needed, over to the cabin we drove.  We ended up with a cabin right on the water.  It was so cute!


Great view and lots of room to play catch, frisbee, etc:


The cabin was so nice and clean.  We were both very impressed.  Another nice thing was that there was a games room on site, with a pool table.  That certainly gave us a few hours of entertainment both nights we were there.

On Friday, we headed to Bridal Veil Falls.  We didn’t do the whole trail, as our main goal for that day was the Cup and Saucer Trail.  We checked out the Falls, which was a few steps from the road:


It was neat to see all of the fishies jumping up into the falls.

Next was Cup and Saucer.  I was really determined to dangle my legs over the cliff, which didn’t sit too well with Mike.  Oops!  After about a kilometer, we made it to the first cliff:


Mike got fairly close to the edge, which we were both impressed with:


And I did more dangling:


The view was amazing, needless to say.  And we got to admire the gum stump nearby.  Unfortunately, we didn’t bring any gum to stick to it:



We weren’t planning on walking too much further, but we did head up to the next level of cliffage.  Of course, I had to dangle again:

There were a few people there when we arrived, but no one else went out to the edge.  Mike thinks I’m mildly insane.


After heading back to the car (we walked 3.2km in total) we went to a restaurant (Twin Bluffs) in Gore Bay.  Mike ordered the Twin Bluff burger and said it was one of the best burgers he’s ever had in his life.  Slurp.

That evening, we noticed a fly buzzing around, pinging off the light in the main room.  I handed Mike the fly swatter and after a few failed swats, I yelled “Wait!”  I realize I’m extremely over-sensitive when it comes to animals (and anything living besides humans, because they can really suck), and I told him to let it live.  The fly annoyingly pinged off of the light for another ten minutes or so, before falling to the ground and spinning wildly.  I went over to him and realized there was something wrapped around his legs.  I untangled him, but then he laid there in a heap.  I felt so bad.  I ran and got a piece of toilet paper and tucked him in for the night:


We were THRILLED (well, not really) to see he wasn’t there anymore the next morning.  Good deed for the day, I saved a fly.  No applause, a cheque will do fine.

We headed back home on Saturday.  Before leaving, I decided to tuck in the stuffed fish I found in the games room:


While flying home, the owner of the cabins texted Mike and said that she loved the fish – it made her day!  Yup, I’m weird.

We passed the awesome ferry, the Chi-Cheemaun, which we used to love traveling on as kids:


The flight home was a tad longer, as we got vectored a little bit coming out of Toronto.  Still less than two and a half hour flight.  We enjoyed ourselves so much, we plan on flying back in the Spring and staying in the same cabin.  It’s nice to know we have good peeps to visit too, such as the Gore Bay manager and owners of Wolsey Lake Cabins.  My friend’s parent’s from work also have a cabin on Manitoulin Island and have invited us for RTV’ing next time we’re there.

Today’s symptoms: Still recovering from the trip, so am quite drained physically.  Lots of spasms in my legs, back and hands over the last few days as well.  Not fun but hopefully won’t last much longer.  I don’t have time for that silliness!

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