Month: September 2015

Butter Fingers

Continuing with my camping trip, let me show you a few little incidents we had to deal with.  Not sure what his issue was, but Mike had some difficulties with the challenging task of holding things.  First night, a piece of hot dog wiener:


And another:


Night two.  Hey Mike, how about a hot dog wiener?  Why don’t you just drop the entire thing into the fire pit:


Then drop another piece:


How about splitting that Tim Hortons smile cookie we bought the other day?  Here’s the best part – the eye made out of icing:


Thanks for doing the dishes.  Can you please hand me the lid of my Timmies cup?  Oh wait, you should drop it first:


Was that a text coming through on your phone?  You should check:


Can you please pass me that bottle of water?


Gee, I’m glad I didn’t ask him to carry me into the trailer.  I would have been all soiled!

Today’s symptoms: Feeling kinda blah today.  Not a huge amount of energy this weekend.  My dumb bladder infection is back (suffered with them for over a year starting in 2014).  Going to see a new urologist (local) this week – paws crossed he can help!

Camping Awesomeness

As I mentioned in my last blog, about the adorable lost dog I had the privilege of helping to find her owner, Mike and I went camping again. As usual, we went to Long Point and camped out at the same perfect site that we always take.  We borrowed my mother’s crossover and Mike’s uncle’s pop-up trailer again.


After setting up, we played some sports (catch, frisbee, badminton, etc.) then Mike went for a swim.  I sat and watched as I’m not a huge water fan:


My view was great, so I was quite content just sitting there:


Friday, we again played a ton of sports.  We were both so pooped in the afternoon, we had to take a nap.  Afterwards, we started a fire and roasted some weenies (piggly wigglies or whatever they’re called when you cut them like this):


We flew kites that night as well:


Mike thought I was being mean just because I kept dive-bombing his kite and knocking it out of the air.  I figured I was just being friendly….  On a bright note, as I went to retrieve my kite, which fell from the sky after my string broke, I saw this adorable butterfly.  I’m happy with how the picture turned out (taken on my iPhone):


On Saturday, the weather was poopy so our plan was to go into town.  Of course, we had to visit our favourite restaurant, the Sunrise Cafe in Port Rowan.  They make the best burgers and poutine there.  We love chatting with the owner, but she wasn’t there that day.  Her daughter said she would be in the next day.  Or darn, we would have to go back.


We unfortunately found it necessary to get some treats, like this Nanaimo bar and brownie.  What can I say – we were talked into it:


On Sunday, we decided to check out something kinda neat.  In Courtland, there’s the Gopher Dunes which has a bunch of tracks for amateur cycles, trucks, off-road vehicles, etc.  What I really wanted to see was the trucks running through the mud bogs:


It was so neat to watch.  There were about five that broke down and had to be towed out (by a huge green tractor) during the hour we were there.  Poor dudes:


What a neat experience! Have fun cleaning your vehicles:


We were camping for four awesome nights.  It was one of the best camping trips ever.  Can’t wait to head back (hopefully in May).

I have one more item to share about our camping trip, but I’ll do it in my next blog.

Today’s symptoms:  I’ve been, and not surprisingly, completely drained and blah since we’ve been back.  I always pay for these kinds of trips, but they’re completely worth it.  I spent most of today in bed, but paws crossed I feel better tomorrow.

Lost Dog Returned to Owner!!!

Mike and I just got back from an awesome camping trip in Long Point.  I’m going to provide the details in my next blog.  Firstly, I want to share a heartwarming story from last night. We were going for a walk down by the beach when we noticed a cute german shepherd frolicking about.  We figured it belonged to the couple who were sitting on the beach about 50 feet away.  He ran back up the hill and they didn’t say anything so we assumed it wasn’t theirs.  Almost two hours later, we walked over to the showers to de-stink.  As I’m usually done showering first, Mike said to just head back to the campsite without waiting for him.  As I was leaving the washroom, a guy approached and asked if I had a dog.  I said no and I asked if it he was talking about a german shepherd.  He said yes and it had been running around the campsites for a couple hours.  I saw the dog a few sites away and said I would call the front gate to report it.  I couldn’t get through and tried about six different numbers for Long Point and camp wardens.  I made a few attempts to catch the shepherd to see if he had tags, but he would jump away when I was within a few inches.  I decided to walk back to my site and get the car to drive over to the front gate.  About half way there, I came upon two cars at the recycling and garbage area.  The drivers were speaking to each other and one had a dog in his car.  I couldn’t hear what they were saying and I still have no idea what made me think the guy with the dog had anything to do with the one that was running around, but I stopped and asked them if they were looking for a dog. The guy excitedly said yes!  I couldn’t believe it.  I told him that I knew where it was and said to follow me in the car.  We headed back to where I last saw it and pulled over.  I asked the people at a nearby site (who initially asked me if I knew who owned the dog) where he was now.  They pointed over to the playground and look what we found:


The man told me that it wasn’t his dog, but his neighbour’s.  She was totally frantic and had already called the police, the campsite office and tried to reach a warden.  No luck.  I’m not too sure how long he had been driving around looking. We kept trying to call “Fergie” over but she would get close to us and run away.  The man phoned the owner and she was on her way over.  A couple other people passing by tried to help grab the dog, but were also unsuccessful.  We even tried to coax her into the back of “Bob’s” car, hoping he would want to be around the other dog, “Baxter.”  Again, close but no cigar:


Mike came over after his shower, wondering what was going on.  I let him know that we found the owner of that stray dog we saw earlier and she was her way.  A few minutes later, after we were completely swarmed by mosquitoes, we saw a car come along the back of the playground, then heard a woman calling “Fergie”.  Instantly, the dog ran toward the car.  The owner got out and Fergie was jumping all over her.  It was such an incredible and heartwarming moment.  Bob thanked me for my help and I said it was my pleasure, as I’m such an animal lover.  I then started walking toward the owner – that’s when I broke down.  It was so amazing to see a pet being reunited with an owner, who for the last couple hours wasn’t sure if she would ever see her dog again.  I felt like such a dork, crying like that but I was so happy and moved.  She gave me a huge hug and thanked me over and over.

When I was speaking with Bob while waiting for the owner to arrive, he said he can’t believe I first saw him and pretty much knew that he was out searching for the dog.  He said “Must have been woman’s intuition!”

Today’s symptoms: Very drained today after four days of one of the best camping trips ever!  I’m sure I’ll be paying for it tomorrow and maybe most of this week, but completely worth it.  I’ll blog about the rest of the camping trip soon…..stay tuned!

Bucket List Items!

What a terrific weekend!  On Saturday, I went for an awesome motorcycle ride with my friend.  We stopped at a Timmies in St. Catharines, then headed out for a very scenic ride through the Short Hills.  The weather was perfect.  My big blonde afro was whipping around behind me (sure makes us visible).  Got a neat shot of our shadow:


Hopefully we can get one more ride in before bike season is over.

Another awesome day on Sunday.  Mike and I went to the airport in the morning, went up in Vyctor to work on my hammer heads.  It was good having another set of eyes to help me figure things out.  Happy to say, I finally got it!  It’s really a fun maneuver to do.  I had another nice treat to look forward to after we landed.  I was able to go up in a glider with the Air Cadets!  It was so cool!  We were up for over 20 minutes, then it started to rain.  It was so neat to be up there in silence!  We caught a thermal and were able to ascend quite a bit.  The descent back down and landing were pretty cool!  Soon after we came back down to Earth, the sky opened up.  The second glider was brought out on the runway in preparation for the next flight.  Thank goodness they’re high-wings!


Fortunately, it was a small rain cell and didn’t last too long:


So there you have it – went up in a glider and another item off my bucket list!

Since things come in three’s, so we had the hammer head success, the glider flight and then this:


My 2009 Corolla (name Lola) hit 50,000km!  As you can tell, I don’t have to drive too much.  I’m so lucky in that I can walk to work in under 10 minutes.

Back home, I had some kitties to clean (they never love baths but it must be done – little grease buckets!)  Mya doesn’t need to be cleaned as often as the other goobers, and she screams while I’m cleaning her.  Thankfully, she gets over it pretty quick.


Had to clean the Geckos too.  As you can see, Zim was absolutely thrilled afterwards:


Life is good!

Today’s symptoms: I’m happy to say that I had a great sleepy last night.  It’s about time.  I’ve been dealing with insomnia for many months now so even getting only good night is a real blessing.  Had some decent energy today and very few aches in pains.  Yea!!!

Nothing New But Life Is Good

Not too much new to report recently, but life is still good (even when it feels like it isn’t).  Actually, been feeling kinda cruddy for the last week.  I’ve had an awful stomach ache.  It got to the point where I considered going to the doctor.  However, I thought I had yet another bladder infection (last year had them for a full year), but never had abdominal pains with one before.  I was about to call the GP, but looked up the symptoms.  Yup, I’m sure it’s another beloved bladder infection.  Oh joy.  So I flew last week, but not this weekend. I took up a friend from work for a flight, which was really nice.  He had a great time.  The weather was so smooth, which is great for passengers but boring for me.  But nothing is boring when I look to my right a seeing my passenger smiling.  Good times:


He took some awesome pics of the Falls – I didn’t realize how many pics he took:


Awesome flight – love taking people up!

Ok, so there are the flight pics, now we need the kittah pics.  Here we go – aren’t they great?  Happy Pinky:




Boo, looking cute:


Hey Zim!


Mya was naughty and sent to the corner:


I bought these awesome lizard decorations….sweet:


Look, Zim on the left, Peanut on the right!

Ok, signing off for today.  I need more excitement in my life so I can post more!!!  I need more energy.

Today’s symptoms:  I always try to stay so positive and not get down no matter how I feel.  I’ll admit it – for the last few weeks, I’ve been really down.  Feeling pretty lousy lately….quite fatigued, lots of aches and pains and very little stamina.  I think to myself “I shouldn’t feel this crappy (physically) yet.”  I can usually climb out of these slumps, but I really am having a hard time lately.  I took my friend flying recently and I must admit, it made me feel so good.  There is nothing more awesome than giving someone such a great experience – such as flying around Niagara, especially over Niagara Falls.  I must admit, my life is so awesome.  I would give anything to be rid of this wretched disease known as MS, but until there is a cure, I shalt endure and continue to love life! (even when I feel yucky and don’t feel like loving life!)