Rush From The Air

Rush From The Air

Had a nice little surprise the other day.  I was interviewed by someone from the Standard while at Airport Fest.  I assumed she was just going to write a sentence or two in an article about the event.  I was so shocked to see she did a whole article on me.  I’m so flattered! On the front page too:


She did a great job.  You can read the article here:  She got a couple of nice pics too:

Airport Fest2

Airport Fest

Had another great airplane-related adventure today too.  I took up the granddaughter of one of our Recreational Aircraft Association members.  She wanted to do aerobatics.  I must say, she was one of the most hard-core passengers I’ve had!  I could do every maneuver with her and she never flinched once.  She’s even looking forward to going up again!


It was very humid today so due to the extra moisture in the air, the plane didn’t perform quite a nimbly as usual.  It took us over seven minutes just to get up to 4000′.  Pulling the plane through maneuvers was really exhausting.  I was soaked (yuck!) by the end of the flight.  Great time though!

I noticed the airport got an awesome new sign at the main entrance:


Purdy!  Not sure when it will be turned on though.

I got a great pic of all four goobers last night.  It’s a very rare occurrence!


Could they be any cuter???

Today’s symptoms: Felt really good this morning.  Had plenty of energy for the flight.  Unfortunately, the heat and flight itself really took it’s toll and I had to leave work an hour and a half early to go home and rest.  Tomorrow will be better though!  I’m going to sleep well tonight (I hope!)

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