I’m Silly??? Huh.

Mike and I flew out to our monthly Recreational Aircraft Association meeting in Welland last night.  It was another great turn-out, since joining up with Canadian Owners and Pilots Association group for the summer meetings.  A few of us flew in, which is always nice to see.  After we landed back at St. Catharines, we had to tie down Vyctor since the hangar was closed for the night.  This is where Mike accused me of being silly.  I don’t get why he would think that:


And despite what he says, tying down a plane is exhausting:


Anyway, I survived and that’s the main thing.  I also survived a very busy but amazing Saturday.  Mike and I flew out to a BBQ in Oshawa.  We were told to park on the North apron, so we did.  Lots of spots to choose from:


Where was everyone?  We had to call someone from the Ontario Regiment Museum to drive around the entire airport and pick us up and bring us to the South apron.  We decided to go through the museum prior to getting something to eat at the BBQ.  We met up with a 91 year old WW2 vet who gave us an incredible hour long tour of the museum.  The stories he told gave me constant goosebumps.  We just didn’t want him to stop talking!  Unfortunately, the tour ended and we had to bid him adieu!  Next, we headed outside for the tank and vehicle demo.  Right on.  The first one was just like the jeeps I used to drive in the Army:



About ten vehicles roared by, plus there were many more in their garage and outside:


I truly recommend visiting the museum, especially during Tank Saturdays.

It was a little smoggy that day, but we still got some great pics.


It was surprising how few people were at the stadium where the rugby game was being held as well as the volleyball tournaments:


We also flew over Henley in St. Catharines where our Canadian rowers were kicking butt:


What a perfect day and I haven’t felt that well physically in probably a year or more.  I knew I was going to pay for it Sunday (which I did), but it was totally worth it.

Today’s symptoms: The main MS complaint was this weird thing I get now and then where it feels like I’m sinking way down in my chair, I’m leaning way back and my hands feel enormous.  It also felt like one leg was bigger than the other.  These symptoms usually only last a few hours and are more annoying than anything.

2 thoughts on “I’m Silly??? Huh.

    1. They are weird symptoms! I’ve been getting them a few times a year for over ten years now. When I get the sensation while I’m laying down, it feels like I’m sinking to the floor. MS is goofy!

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