Another Side of Abby

My youngest sphynx Abby has been a totally couch hog lately.  Mind you, it’s cute that she’s being so snuggly.  The only issue is when she gets gas, she shares it with me while I’m sitting next to her, then she runs away.  I typically regain consciousness within a couple minutes, but it’s still pretty traumatic.  I think this is where we see the other side of Abby:


I have renamed her Lucifabby.  Still cute though!

The other week, I flew over the charity golf tournament for Heartland Forest, which is based out of Niagara Falls.  Thankfully the rain held off until later in the afternoon, so the flight and golfers were good to go.  I was invited to the dinner after the event.  I met up with hockey legend Marcel Dionne, who has done MS charitable events with me in the past.


I ended up bidding on a Montreal hockey jersey, signed by Larry Landon:


He actually ended up bidding on my flight, so it was great to help raise money for the event.

Mike’s mom did something really nice for me – she made a little scarf for Donkay!


How cute is that?  He went with Mike and I to Branford last weekend for breakfast.  Little Vyctor looked so cute sitting outside, patiently waiting for us to finish breakkie:


There was a nice little surprise back at the airport in St. Catharines – it’s my plane’s low-wing twin:


Almost matching wheel pants on Vyctor and this American registered Piper.  Cute!

Now that were on the topic of cute, little Mya decided to crawl under my couch the other day.  She looked a little possessed when I took this pic of her:


Calm little Abby, in the meantime, was just chilling with her buddy Zim:


Must have been a full moon or something as Pinky was really weird yesterday.  First she stood at the halfway opened balcony door, mewing to get in.  Hello – it’s open, if you would just move to your left a foot.


Then she got into my mitten drawer, which also contains my earmuffs.  She must have jumped through my blingy ones, as she ran out with them still on her.  It was hilarious – she ran around the whole apartment with them on:


Very strange children I have.

Today’s symptoms: I’m quite tired and weak today.  I’ve been dealing with another bladder and kidney infection for the last couple of weeks.  My sleep has been off as it’s quite painful to lay down on top of sore kidneys.  Hope this clears up soon.  I still can’t believe I went through a year of these wretched infections.

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