Where’s Donkay????

There was almost a complete travesty this past weekend.  I lost Donkay!  It was horrible – I ended up searching every square inch of my apartment for almost three hours, but to no avail.  I was just about to put these up across Niagara:


It was so hard to go to sleep that night, knowing he could be out there anywhere, cold and alone. I was also afraid someone might report me to FADS (Family and Donkey Services) for being a bad mother.  He was the first thing I thought of when I woke up in the morning.  Then, for some strange reason, it hit me.  OMG – I had put him up on my airplane light in my bedroom a few nights previous!


I’m so glad he’s back!  I’ll never be so careless and forgetful again!

Last Friday, Mike and I went to see another Monster Truck Show.  This one was a around a fifteen minute walk downtown St. Catharines at the Meridian Centre.  We bought really good seats.  The sad thing was how few people attended.  Apparently it was like that on Saturday too.  Regardless, it was an awesome show:

IMG_1488 IMG_1515

Another great thing that happened recently was Zim the gecko being initiated into my family.  All of my non-human loved ones must be dressed up for a quick photo shoot.  I used the same hat I had on Peanut a few weeks earlier.  He’s so charming!

IMG_1587 IMG_1590

I was surprised he stayed so still while it was on him.  I’m sure Peanut warned him that it was going to happen and to just suck it up and get it over with.  After the pics were taken, Zim wandered over to see a couple of his sisters:


I held him up for Pinky to see – she’s always so interested as soon as I take them out of their tanks.


And her after face:


I would say that Boo is the least of the four interested in the geckos.  So she wouldn’t feel left out, we played a little game of Where’s Boo???


There she is!


Looks totally thrilled, doesn’t she?

Last week while walking to work, I stopped in my tracks when I saw this awesome hawk perched on a parking metre.  Check out the slightly terrified looking squirrel on the tree above him:


Today’s symptoms: Felt really poopy.  I’m not sure if it’s more from the bladder infection or the antibiotic I’m on for it.  I had no energy at all today and lots of MS-related aches and pains.  I can’t wait to feel MUCH better tomorrow, so help me Hannah!

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