Month: May 2015

Where’s Donkay????

There was almost a complete travesty this past weekend.  I lost Donkay!  It was horrible – I ended up searching every square inch of my apartment for almost three hours, but to no avail.  I was just about to put these up across Niagara:


It was so hard to go to sleep that night, knowing he could be out there anywhere, cold and alone. I was also afraid someone might report me to FADS (Family and Donkey Services) for being a bad mother.  He was the first thing I thought of when I woke up in the morning.  Then, for some strange reason, it hit me.  OMG – I had put him up on my airplane light in my bedroom a few nights previous!


I’m so glad he’s back!  I’ll never be so careless and forgetful again!

Last Friday, Mike and I went to see another Monster Truck Show.  This one was a around a fifteen minute walk downtown St. Catharines at the Meridian Centre.  We bought really good seats.  The sad thing was how few people attended.  Apparently it was like that on Saturday too.  Regardless, it was an awesome show:

IMG_1488 IMG_1515

Another great thing that happened recently was Zim the gecko being initiated into my family.  All of my non-human loved ones must be dressed up for a quick photo shoot.  I used the same hat I had on Peanut a few weeks earlier.  He’s so charming!

IMG_1587 IMG_1590

I was surprised he stayed so still while it was on him.  I’m sure Peanut warned him that it was going to happen and to just suck it up and get it over with.  After the pics were taken, Zim wandered over to see a couple of his sisters:


I held him up for Pinky to see – she’s always so interested as soon as I take them out of their tanks.


And her after face:


I would say that Boo is the least of the four interested in the geckos.  So she wouldn’t feel left out, we played a little game of Where’s Boo???


There she is!


Looks totally thrilled, doesn’t she?

Last week while walking to work, I stopped in my tracks when I saw this awesome hawk perched on a parking metre.  Check out the slightly terrified looking squirrel on the tree above him:


Today’s symptoms: Felt really poopy.  I’m not sure if it’s more from the bladder infection or the antibiotic I’m on for it.  I had no energy at all today and lots of MS-related aches and pains.  I can’t wait to feel MUCH better tomorrow, so help me Hannah!

Rankin Cancer Run

Had a pretty neat experience this weekend.  I’ve flown over many charitable events but not one of this magnitude.  This was the 10th annual Rankin Cancer Run here in Niagara.  I was asked to fly photographer Andrew Fisher over the venue, to get some aerial shots.  Over 12,000 people took part in the run, which started and ended at the Grantham Lions Club in north St. Catharines.  Here is the amazing view of the folks we spent about thirty minutes flying over:


And once the run was underway:


Truly amazing – they raised over $900,000 which all stays here in Niagara!  Sweet!  I feel so honoured to have been able to contribute to this event.

Andrew was kind enough to take some wonderful shots of Vyctor before we took off.  Here are some of them:

untitled-3139 untitled-3143 untitled-3152 untitled-3155

Thanks again, Andrew!  You truly brought out Vyctor’s good side – which is every side!  I mean look at him – he’s absolutely adorable!  The cutest plane ever!

Today’s symptoms: Haven’t had the greatest week.  My stupid bladder infection is back.  I still don’t know how I made it through a year of having these infections, which were finally put to rest after starting a daily low-dose antibiotic in December.  My urologist didn’t want me on it long term, so I ceased the med about a month ago.  Ugh.  May have to go back on it.  The infections exacerbate many of my MS symptoms, the main ones are the fatigue and weakness – much worse.  Fortunately I was feeling decent on Saturday morning, but the flight wiped me out and I spent the rest of the day in bed.  At least I had the kittahs to keep me company!

Victoria Day Aerial Fireworks

I’m so thrilled that Vyctor is all fixed – this meant Mike and I could fly over some Victoria Day fireworks.  The weather looked kinda meh for Monday, so we decided to lift off yesterday.  The show over Niagara Falls was scheduled for 10:00pm.  I almost showed up at the airport in my jammies!

We got little Vyctor checked out and ready to rock:


The flight was great – very smooth and clear.


We tried to get pics of the fireworks but they didn’t turn out too well.  Take my word, they were awesome! Here’s a shot Mike took of the Falls though:


We came back in for a landing after about an hour long flight:


The timing of the night worked out perfectly.  There was another Flying Club plane flying after 10:00pm, so there were still folks at the Club.  This meant little Vyc got to be put back in the hangar before we left:


I have to admit something – I committed a terrible act of terribleness this weekend.  I’m super sensitive when it comes to animals, to the point where I can’t even harm an insect.  However, I noticed my little gecko Zim was looking a tad peckish.  I thought I could fix this by offering him some noms:


I thought he would just say “Hello!  I’ll maybe snack on you later.”  Nope.  Chomped him right out of my fingers.  Looked quite content after:


Poor cricket dude.

There was another more innocent offering the next night, with wee Abby:



I swear I raised her to be a lady.  Not sure what happened.

Another classy lady is Pinky, who decided to freak Mike and I out while we were watching a spooky movie.  The balcony door was open and she jumped up on the air conditioner and did this:


Really?  That’s totally creepy.  Thank goodness she’s so cute.

Speaking of cute, check out this pile of adorableness:


Mike and I had to stop off at the pet store this weekend, as I needed more crickets for the two geckos.  I accidentally left with crickets and a cool platform for Zim’s tank.  Oops:



Needless to say, after the platform and ramp we installed last week, Zim’s tank is full out awesome.  No more room for anything else…..or is there?

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty good but sorta drained.  It’s been a long but wonderful weekend and kinda took it’s toll.  It’s all good though – totally worth it.

Vyctor Is Sick!!!!!

Oh the joys of vehicle ownership, as we all know.  I mentioned there was a tad of a problem with my plane a little over a week ago.  It turns out that I need to replace Vyctor’s alternator and voltage regulator.  Ugh!!!!  Oh well, what more can go wrong.  Wait – I know!  I could go to my little mother’s house on Sunday to spend some time with her for Mother’s Day.  It was a very nice visit.  However, when I walked outside to get into my car, I noticed this massive tear in my tire tread.  In the seam close to the hubcap, there was a very deep rip that went almost half way around the tire.  You could actually look into the tire – I have no idea how it didn’t blow!  I called Costco to see if I could come in, thinking it was one of the tires I purchased from them last year.  We dropped off the car, walked across the street to the Fairview Mall, then got a call from the Tire Centre.  It wasn’t the tire I bought from them last year – it was one of the originals (it’s a 2009).  Ugh, so there’s almost $400.  I figured I might as well get her an oil change while she was up in the stirrups.  Ok, so in the last week, I’ve had to replace a couple very expensive airplane bits on Vyctor, which includes two skylights, plus new car tires and I had to pick up my MS med from the pharmacy today, for a wonderful $2800.  Oh well!  What can you do!  Here’s my cute plane all naked and vulnerable:


Poor little dude!  Fortunately, something good came out of this weekend, besides visiting little Jan for Mother’s Day.  I have acquired a new family member.  You may remember that recently, I adopted the gecko Peanut – please meet Zim, the Leopard Gecko!



Mike’s sister and brother-in-law have had this adorable little fella for the last seven years. He’s a desert-type gecko, unlike Peanut who is tropical.  So, this little guy needs sand and boring things (no joyous greenery and fun-stuff.)  He has been introduced to each of the kitties:





So far, so good!  Mike and I have kinda upgraded his aquarium, which the kitties love checking out:


Since it’s more of a vertical tank, we though we would make some adjustment to give him a little more room to frolic.  Here’s the construction phase:


Then the final product:



I think he’s happy!  He’s still a tad skittish but he’s in a new home with four hairless freaks.

Today’s symptoms: I’ve felt pretty good for the last three days.  This never happens!  It’s been absolutely amazing.  I would give anything to feel this good (like a normal person!) all of the time.  Hope it stays around a bit longer.  If not, at least I’ve had this amazing experience!

Walk For MS Fly Over

The annual Walk for MS was this Sunday and fortunately, the weather was perfect.  The St. Catharines and Niagara Falls Walks both started at 9:00.  As I do every year, since it usually has the most Walkers and is the closest to the airport, I fly over the St. Catharines site first.  Here’s a shot of everyone before the Walk started:


And once the Walkers headed out for their trek:


Then I headed over to the Niagara Falls site, which was only a few minutes away:


The Welland site Walk didn’t start until 10:00, so I had some time to kill.  I noticed a slew of windmill blades fairly close to the school where the Walk started:


Kinda neat!  I heard from a friend who was doing the Welland Walk that they were quite behind with their start time.  I had been flying around the area for about 20 minutes when my cute little plane started to have some electrical issues.  I decided it would be best to head back to the St. Catharines airport and land.  I feel bad that I missed flying over the Welland Walkers, but had to play it safe.  So, now I’m just waiting on my aviation mechanic to see what wrong with poor Vyctor.

Regardless of sick Vyctor, the MS Walk flyover went great.  Looking forward to next year!

When Jan and I were in the States last week, I accidentally picked up a shirt for the kitties.  I guess I accidentally put it on them too:





Oh what the heck…Peanut, would you like to give it a whirl?


Classy, n’est-ce pas?  Tee hee!

I had a bit more to write about, but it’s getting close to beddy time.  I shalt continue with the blog soon – stay tuned!

Today’s symptoms: Actually had very few symptoms today.  More energy than normal, which is always my hope every day.  Paws crossed it continues!

Girl Guides Aeronautics Badge

I had an awesome day today.  The weather was perfect, I was feeling great….I was asked to fly to the Burlington Airpark to speak with about a dozen Girl Guides to help them with their aeronautics badge.  I took off at around 12:30 from St. Catharines, landed at Burlington and waited for everyone to arrive.  We did a little lesson on basic aviation, safety, rules of flight, airplane components and surfaces, etc.  What a great group of kids.  They were especially excited when we went out to Vyctor to check out how he flew and to sit it the cockpit.  All the while, giving little lessons and pointers:


And the excitement of sitting in the cockpit, headset on, seat-belt fastened, radio of local flight traffic airing over the speaker:


A very nice person from the Spectrum Flight Training took this awesome group photo:


I was graciously presented with this awesome certificate (signed by the Girl Guides) and a yummola box of Girl Guide cookies (which accidentally fell open after dinner tonight, and a cookie or two ended up in my belly):


Totally great day!  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  I hope I feel this good tomorrow.  I have the Walk for MS, starting at 9:00.  As with the last eight or nine years, I’m going to fly over all three Walk sites in Niagara as they take place.  I can’t wait!  I’m so appreciative of everyone who supported me with my fundraising goal.  Thank you again!

Ok, where are the kitties you ask?  Well, I went to the States the other day with my mother and I accidentally bought this little outfit for them.  Oops:




I swear Pinky enjoyed me putting it on her:



See??? Thrilled like her sisters….and brother, Peanut the Gecko:


Afterwards, I put Peanut back into his aquarium and asked him if he enjoyed the clothing experience.  Clearly from his expression, he did:


You like it Abby?


Too bad she doesn’t have more expression in her face….tee hee.

Today’s symptoms: Felt so good after feeling really poorly yesterday (weak, lots of MS aches and pains….blah).   I’m pretty sure tomorrow is going to be good – yup!  Gonna feel good….no prob.