Monster Truck Show

Mike and I went to the Monster Truck show in Hamilton yesterday at the First Ontario Centre.  He had never been to this type of show before.  I used to go to them quite often as a kid.  We drove up there for around 1:00 as the show started at 2:00.  We wandered around Jackson Square for a bit to kill some time, then over to the event.  We had front row seats for the awesomeness.  It was great to see my favourite there – Grave Digger:IMG_4919

Great action with only one flipped vehicle:




There was a neat quad race as well:


We enjoyed it so much that we bought tickets for the event in St. Catharines at the end of May.  At least we’ll be able to just walk over to the Meridian Centre.

Back home, Mike decided to play a game on his phone.  Peanut helped:


He then decided to have a closer look at Mike’s face:


Meanwhile, Mya checked out my new Airplanes ottoman:


Boo looked on, totally enthralled:


Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty good today – maybe a little more drained than normal, but that was a long day yesterday.  Still dealing with these rotten bouts of insomnia.  I see my neurologist in a couple weeks for my annual MS check up, so I’ll see if he has any suggestions.

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