Blown To Guelph

The weather this weekend was great.  Mike and I had planned on flying to Guelph on Saturday, but I was feeling really lousy (weak and fatigued) that day.  Sunday was nice but very windy and gusty.  What the heck – I like a challenge.  We made it to Guelph in around 35 minutes.  The landing was quite interesting due to the rather small runway that was in use and dealing with the windage.  I had to come in a little faster than normal to fight the gusts which is rather interesting on a small runway.  Fortunately, the landing went well:


We taxied over to the restaurant.  Not surprising due to the high winds, we were the only ones that flew in.


Regardless, the restaurant was packed.  We even had to wait about ten minutes for a table.  No complaints – it’s great to see an airport restaurant so busy.  Soon after we ordered our food, we figured out why they were so crowded:


The food was delicious.  We would love to go back!

While heading out, we waited for a gyro-copter to do a touch and go:


We couldn’t believe they were out flying in those winds!  Good for them!

It was a nice flight on the way home, which was about fifteen minutes longer due to the headwind.  I let Mike fly for a bit while I took in the scenery, such as the slightly packed Ikea parking lot:


And the Skyway Bridge:


One of the best parts of the trip was how great I felt in the morning.  I haven’t had that much energy in a very long time.  It was so amazing – I would give ANYTHING to always feel like that.  Unfortunately, a few hours after our flight, I was back to my normal feeling self.  Blah.  Oh well, I’m least I had the break from feeling yucky!  We spent the rest of the day just chilling with the kitties.  Abby didn’t really want to be disturbed (she’s disturbed enough):


Boo spent some time in the tub:


I think she decided to hide out there after being smushed by Mya:


Pinky decided to look far less miserable than she normally does:


And Peanut did this adorable little pose:


I have the cutest family ever!  I proudly symbolize them on my car, which really needs a bath:


It rained quite a bit overnight on Sunday and into Monday morning.  That left this amazing double rainbow, which I took a panoramic shot of:


I wasn’t too stable with the horizontal sweep, which is why St. Catharines is looking a little wobbly across the horizon.  Oops!

Ok, back to cats.  I like to call this Mya pic Myla Monroe:


Abby being her typical googly self:


As soon as the weather turns nice and I open the door to the screened-in balcony, this is usually the view from inside:


Can’t leave them out there too long though or they get sunburned.  Go figure!

Today’s symptoms: Didn’t feel too good today.  Finally slept a little better last night but the fatigue and weakness are still with me.  How rude!

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