Hat Shopping

I have taken a clip of the Cogeco interview I did the other week.  I posted it on my website here:  Cogeco Interview for the Walk for MS.  I really wish I could have posted the entire interview, which I did with Jennifer from the MS Society, but it was just too big.  She did a fantastic job talking about the Walk coming up on May 3rd.

This weekend, Mike and I went hat shopping.  We really had time a hard time finding what we were looking for.  We’ve actually been looking for over a week.  However, we found the perfect hat at the hobby shop downtown St. Catharines.  Here’s how it looks:


Nice, eh?  It came with a little cane and umbrella too.  We need to set up a photo shoot with all the props.  Stay tuned!

We walked by Beechwood donuts on the way to the hobby shop.  It’s this new donut shop downtown, which is doing a killer business.  They typically sell out before the end of the day.  I actually went there during my lunch break last week and picked one up for Mike – chocolate peanut butter.


I’m not a big donut person, but did have some.  Really good!  The nice thing was when I went, there was no line.  Unlike when we walked by it on Saturday:


I counted and there were about 50 people in line (including inside).  Crazy.

On Sunday, we flew down to Tillsonburg for breakfast.  We met up with a couple friends from my work.  One is a pilot and her parents own a plane and the other is dating a pilot.  So three planes flew in to meet up for great food and conversation.  Heading back, we saw a pretty big brush fire in a field.  Of course, I had to head over to check it out:



Great flight that day.  The weather was perfect and both St. Catharines and Tillsonburg were very busy.

Here’s a good one – my kittah Pinky is a tad….errrr…..miserable looking.  She just has one of those faces.  Kinda ironic that she decided to sit on my Grumpy Cat pillow:


Then there’s Mya who’s now into selfies:


Yup, my cats are weird.  And so are these pics Mike’s dad sent us:



Back to normalcy, we had an awesome Recreational Aircraft Association meeting last night at the St. Catharines airport.  We had the Base Manager of National Helicopters give a chat about being a chopper pilot and working for National.  It was a great presentation and our members had tons of questions.


I was going to ask if I could borrow his model as I think it’s a good size for Peanut.  You know, when we do the photo shoot.  We could get him a little headset and everything.

Today’s symptoms: Didn’t feel too bad despite the busy day yesterday with the meeting.  Did go through a weird sensory issue early this afternoon, where I felt like my chair is leaning back and my hands feel huge.  Like I said – weird!  It’s very rare that it happens and it usually lasts only an hour or two.  It’s quite distracting though and makes it hard to work. 

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