Cogeco Interview – MS Walk

I haven’t had too much to report lately.  Mike and I were all excited to fly to Waterloo on Sunday for breakfast, which would have been great to blog about.  We were all ready to rock in my freshly fueled plane – everything checked out great.  After making sure the area was clear, I turned the key, waiting for the prop to spring into life.  Meh.  There was just a little moan from the electric system.  Yup – battery el’dead-o.  Bummer.  We could have had the plane jump started, but what if I couldn’t get it restarted after we landed and tried to take off again in Waterloo?  Not worth the risk.  Grounded!  We ended up going to a local restaurant for breakfast instead.  Not quite as fun but still yummy.  I think one of the best parts was how a piece of my scrambled eggs looked like my gecko:


It felt bad to eat it but I managed.  Striking resemblance, eh?


I asked Abby if she thought the two images were similar.  She was so impressed, she actually applauded:


She then asked for a close-up view of little Peanut.  Since they’re buds, I obliged:


No lizards were harmed during the making of these pictures.

The annual Walk for MS is coming up on May 3rd.  I was asked by the organizer of the Niagara Walks (St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and Welland) if I would join her on Cogeco TV to promote the event.  I have been interviewed by them a few times before – my favourite being the video on the homepage of my website.  We met at the studio for 4:00 today and were interviewed soon after.  I think it’s going to air for two weeks, the Cogeco News station, starting next Wednesday.  I’ll have to record it and post it – stay tuned.


I’m going to see if I can get on air with the best radio station in Niagara – 105.7 EZ Rock.  I’ve been interviewed by them a few times in the past to promote the Walk.  I would love to go again.

I mentioned less than a year ago that little Pinky was getting sick almost every day.  I recently attempted to put Abby on a hypo-allergenic dry food, as she’s been having digestion troubles since I’ve had her (she’s over 5).  My vet decided we try this food.  I’ve had the kitties on it before, and during the last time, Pinky was sick.  I didn’t think it was that food that was causing it.  We had her to the vet multiple times, including the emergency clinic.  They couldn’t figure out the issue.  Soon after switching the food recently for Abby, Pinky started getting sick again.  I’m starting to think it was that hypo-allo food.  So, since I’ve mixed it in with their regular food, and both are very expensive, Mike and I started separating the food, so it wouldn’t go to waste (although I guess I could donate it).  Wow, hours of fun:


The kitties helped:

She’s been off of it for a couple days and was still sick today, so we’re going to hold off on sorting until we’re sure whether or not it’s the food that’s causing it.  Man, I love my kitties just a tad too much.  But how can I not – I mean, look at this face:


Close up:


Precious.  I have four absolutely precious hairless freaks.  My life is perfect.

Today’s symptoms: Didn’t feel too bad today.  Had a rough couple days where I had really bad sinus headaches, plus bad fatigue after not sleeping well.  Today is good other than the crushing pains in my hands. Yuck and ouch.

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